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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Aliquid Stat Pro Aliquo

Aliquid Stat Pro Aliquo

Literal ontology is not what it used to be.
Why, there isn't even a text on this page
(at least not until an ideal or implied reader perks up)!

Indeed, postcolonial discourse is no more.
Constricted within these passages
This premature reading comes too close.

Forget any affective or intentional fallacy...
Such old criticisms may have applied to the Western Canon
But we're way past that now.

Insofar as The Sign is concerned
One must needs muster
The mastery of metonymy.

Ecce Signum
Arbitrary equivalence doesn't add up.
There's more than meets the eye to our inference.

Something stands for another?
Maybe so; yet what are 'things' in themselves?
You can't write about perception without referring to its percept!


Images: Two basic models of Semiosis according to A) Ferdinand de Saussure, and B) Charles Sanders Peirce.

Incendiary Innuendo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Incendiary Innuendo

She gives her all to all takers
Putting the ho into glory hole.
Flaunting titty tassels, booty shakers
Capture desires as they twirl 'round the stripper pole.

Lurid voyeurs gawk at flashy exhibitionists.
Eros' arrows are fledged and fly forth
Like busy bees set loose at the florist's.
Female honey makes male members point True North!

Filthy sleazebags? Perhaps.
Some may be better off 'neuter'.
But look to yon red light, dapper chaps...

Petite Lolitas—don't legally get any cuter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sententious Sonnet

Sententious Sonnet

Now who could fill the shoes of Petrarch today?
Vox Dei may perhaps sway the mind of a logician
Running the gamut from pedestrian to patrician.
Attentiveness is key, to keep many balls in play.

Heave the anchor ho and pray Aquilo's gusts won't betray
As we set sail like the Argo on its perilous mission.
Till simile’s soil 'til dragon's teeth foment sedition.
Do not stray from battlefield—dilettante—join the fray!

Oxford might have us keep ‘shtum’
‘cause the scheme here goes athwart
And this theme seems desultory.

Pollice Verso (with your thumb);
May these thoughts on art impart
Aesopian moral to our story.

The Fallacy of Freedom

The Fallacy of Freedom

Sure you're free...

To OBEY the rules while coloring within suggested guidelines

But heaven help those who step out of sync and deviate from

Prescribed formats or formulas.

Even though there is always

A gulf between how things are

And the way that

They ought to be

Nine out of ten times

Eccentrics will get panned

Then tossed to the wayside

For odd aesthetic choices.

Yeah that's right,

We've got just enough wiggle-room

To make minor decisions

Before being pigeonholed —

By faceless conglomerates

Plus time-honored institutions.

Thus do "regular folks" become

Complicit in their own imprisonment.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

With all this implies.

So go on painting by number

Until you're trapped in a corner!

Ceci Ne Pas Un Poème...

Ceci Ne Pas Un Poème...

Non, non, c'est juste une mauvaise blague!

Tell you what though; lunkheads need not apply themselves to deciphering thoughts well beyond their base IQs. Better crack another cold one and watch the game instead.

Happy go lucky? Nah mate. Swindled voters cry all the way to the bank and back. Bellyaching about "fake news" and how the corporate media sold out. *SHOCKER*

When will the people outgrow those false dichotomies, which they claim to reject, yet cannot stop debating over in every comment section of all the social forums?

Forget progress — rather we're regressing into caveman tribalism. Manipulated by an invisible hand. Manus Lavat Manum. Divide Et Impera. Oldest tricks in the book. No need for conspiracies.

Enter orchestrated chaos, where not a single group can rally. What a 'flustercluck' of irreconcilable differences. Mankind surely shit the bed here on this planet. Mayhap The Matrix should reset?

Oui, oui, minuit viens vite ici!

Semantic Satiation

Semantic Satiation

Let not our poetry become

sybaritic adulation.

Instead we ought to make a new

semiotic adumbration.

Nobody entertain any

sophomoric arrogation.

Forgo feeling sorry cause that's

 symptomatic abnegation.

Don't you shirk benefiting from

synthetic alteration.

Follow now the bouncing ball of

syllogistic deviation...

Why ever worry about such

semaphoric saturation?

Hopefully someone catches this

syntactic intonation:

There's a hidden treasure trove in

synergistic copulation.

So join us when lauding love as

synchronistic appellation!

Hapax Legomenon

Hapax Legomenon

(n): a word or phrase that appears only once in a manuscript, document, or particular area of literature. Sometimes called a 'nonce word' [a word coined and used only for a particular occasion].

Fret not

Hollowed word —

This pseud

Shalt soothe

ALL falderal

From carte

To tierce.

As Hellas

First fell

So will



That endonym

And expel

Any exonym.






Ne'er fear

Hallowed word!


Idiolect (n) Linguistics: a person's individual speech pattern.


Blessed be the Dialectic

Balanced as it is eclectic.

Boorish masses are dyslectic;

Bombast makes them apoplectic.

Blight of seizures — epileptic!

Yes these "deets" are emblematic of

Young minstrels so melodramatic, lacking love.

Youth's slack strings sound problematic to old sloth

Yet here we brew thick stew in idiomatic lewdness broth...

Your hand raised a la Socratic? Couldn't catch Homer with a baseball glove!

Halves And Half Knots

Halves And Half Knots

One step forward, two steps back.

Fish out of water; gills gasp amid air!

Voice speaks over intercom—but nobody is listening.

So easily foreseeable | yet somehow unavoidable.

Excellent idea: mediocre execution.

Talked to those tits because they had no brains.

Caught backhanded compliments coming from the peanut gallery.

Being misunderstood = vie d'artiste

~ Knot for lack of trying ≈ made a very tangled effort ≋

Can't lose 'em all (still rarin' to win).

Hope falls eternal while this wily fox hungers

As le lapin slips through loopholes and loose ends within the briar patch ...

Image: Br'er Fox watches Br'er Rabbit get away through the thicket.


"Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise."  
~ Proverbs 6:6


Dali and Escher both depicted thee true.

Thy red brethren bore away the last of the Buendias.

Vedic scriptures equate ye with former Indras.

Thou art also mentioned in the canon of Buddha Dharma.

Aesop contrasted thine industriousness to the grasshopper's frivolousness.

Aldous' big brother Julian Huxley wrote the book on these.

Leiningen was hardly an even match for them.

H.G. Wells knew their empire all too well.

Every Emmet, is one, but doesn't know it.

They do go marching ten by ten—then the little one stops to announce: "The End!"

Images: Ant by M.C. Escher [1943] (top) & The Ants by Salvador Dali [1929] (bottom). Both tinted blue only herein.

For more on Ants, see: Formidable Formicidae.

Rickety Rope Bridge

Rickety Rope Bridge

Mustn't forget YOU

Aren't worth fretting over

Haul the trash out tonight

Strike flint by blue moon glow

Reflected across serene waters

Ship down among sunken treasure

These moments they flee

Mark it on new calendar:

Yesterday—we went our separate ways

~(STOP)~ time! Sunrise reveals

The charred trestles of a crossing

Under which tamed ponies wild about

Face it, we're past reconciling

Such differences when walking

The smoldering gangplanks.

Outdated References

Outdated References

Those of us who grew up during analog days may recall that "Reality Television" wasn't a thing prior to the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

Common knowledge centered around the anarchic hotbed that was Waco, TX — where Koresh and his branch Davidians went up in flames when ATF and FBI stormed the compound.

Hence did Timothy McVeigh exact retribution in Oklahoma City with the largest domestic bombing preceding 9/11. Back then terror tended to be homegrown (before the state took charge as at present).

They were such times that Ted Kaczynski's mad ploy to draw attention to his "Unabomber Manifesto" dominated the headlines.

Anyway it was tough afterward to follow the heinous acts of one Jeffrey Dahmer (found guilty of cannibalism, to say but the least).

And who could forget Lorena Bobbitt cutting off her husband's manhood? Though it was surgically reattached and she acquitted by pleading temporary insanity.

Seriously, even an Olympic figure skater had gotten her hands dirty: Tonya Harding sent her man to club rival Nancy Kerrigan's leg.

Given these circumstances, we too might have wished that comet Hale-Bopp was indeed hiding an alien spacecraft coming to take us home; like the Heaven's Gate suicide cult.

It wasn't ALL BAD of course...  Woodstock '94 was a relatively chilled out relapse into late 60's grooving. Unfortunately, it was overshadowed by the more notorious Woodstock '99. However, that's another story from a former time!

Contentious & Pretentious

Contentious & Pretentious

The difference between us is that you tend to find only a single meaning when reading any Gibbon word. Where's your ear for homophony, and your eye for elision? Sometimes more is said through an act of omission. A real Logophile eats obscure words for breakfast as well as every other repast. Xenophobia is often grounded in fearing foreign languages; intellectual insecurity characterizes minor minds. After all, such folk rarely think about the parts of speech inherent to their own mother tongue. They wouldn't even know the difference between adverb and verb if you asked them. Why? Because they take the Howe for granted. It's tough to tell what's similar when you never dare to compare. Humble your big old Self and take this strange advice: 

Challenge the limits of conventional thinking by paying close attention to any other way of speaking — whether it be in film, song, or out on the street. Understanding isn't what's most important, but rather the loosening of one's conceit. That's that... these theses incomplete ≋ ≈ ~

Keep It Occult

Occult (adj):
1. of or relating to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies.
2. beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding; mysterious.
3. secret; disclosed or communicated only to the initiated.
4. hidden from view.
5. not apparent on mere inspection but discoverable by experimentation.
of a nature not understood, as physical qualities.
dealing with such qualities; experimental: occult science.

Keep It Occult

'twas first hidden for good reason:
the crude can ne'er comprehend
since they're too mean to achieve a higher end.

Secret societies and mystery schools
came about to escape persecution
from dogmatic decrees dealing execution.

Store-bought crystals won't provide insight;
they've been tainted by greed of neopagan parasite.

The religion of the many isn't worth a pretty penny.
Spirituality is a private affair with infinity
(don't dilute Deus with terrene toxicity).

Theurgy predates institutional clergy
millennia before written memory.
Whittle away false ceremony like emery.

Let's take it back down underground.
Yes 'twas lost but now 'tis _____.
Hear here, comes high time to expound...

≈ Exclusivity ≈ be our righteous proclivity!

Images: Shadow Moon (bottom) meets the White Buffalo (top) amid the Bone Orchard in Starz' rendition of Neil Gaiman's American Gods.



Up to snuff on the canon
ever since the series' inception.

Watched a trio of films fashioned after
the literary trilogy, three times, in 3D
(but read every book years before cinematic debut).

Fanboy fawning over fiction
avidly awaits memorabilia and merchandise;
cultural baubles induce idolatrous fascination.

Raised by the capital
as another man-child filled with yearning
for a time that never was in fantasy lands.

"Did you see the new trailer?"
"OMG — its looks amazing!"
"Let's all go watch it on opening night..."

Real life is too boring anyway:
its bland narrative has become predictable.
Around here, there are no superheroes to save the day!

Satirical Infographic courtesy of Dorkly.


Note: If you don't catch the reference, see: WIRED.


What's that got to do with the price of tea in China?

If you wish to stay atop the rolling ball
then take your eye off the blue birdie.

Presidential marmalade is spread too thick
throughout the Blogosphere;
it's gumming up the gears
and has everyone humming the same tune . . .

Speak not the name of biggest T!

Overcome the need to neurotically: 
* press, swipe, tap-tap-tap *

World's most prestigious office

Typo — 
crosses a boundary to be canonized.

Fence Jumper

Fence Jumper

Refused to take a side.

But grass is always greener

Over there — and besides

Have sat too long at centre

Of the twister.

Snuck back and forth

Between both camps

To explore either extreme;

Biparty scout unwelcome

Wherever logic is lean.

Neither coterie can claim

To be totally correct:

They must agree to disagree

Out of begrudged respect.

Skip, skip, skip to our Lou all the same!

Dirty Talk Cock Tale

"Sex is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other.

In order to know virtue, we must first acquaint ourselves with vice." 

~ Le Marquis de Sade

Dirty Talk Cock Tale

Aw yes ... * lewd noises in the nude *

Take it all the way deep inside

You beautiful bitch;

Sweet little slut!

Cum and get it girl,

Open wide nasty baby,

Work that wondrous butt!

Grind the monkey's organ

~ Teasing and titillating ~

Camera eye catches smut!

Gulp down gobs of goo  —

It's naught but good clean fun

On which we libertines do glut!



Not actually a nice guy,

Just play one in real life.

Killer instinct on the sly;

Prepared at any time for strife.

Antisocial \ corner cutter \

Bifurcating hidden agendas

Like a hot knife through butter!

Neither sugar coats nor Splendas ®

Look at this camera shy weirdo

Who thinks awkward silences are golden.

Never mind disheveled hairdo —

Let his letters right you: emboldened.

Those who don't get it aren't deserving

Thirsty though they be for comprehension.

Most will find these verbs unnerving,

If they clear the first declension!

Retired From Society

Retired From Society

Deactivated Facebook™ page.

Still held in thrall by digital age.

Scanned bars code [commercial cage].

Consumer stuck at final stage.

Would sooner return to nature's sage.

Salve road rash — quell internal rage.

Wroth left behind, as brain doth disengage.

Unassailable and inaccessible; an aloof mage.

Made immune to viral videos via META macrophage.

Thought contagion runs human race "RAMPAGE"!

Only through dissociation can one assuage

The war of words, which our wicked world wishes to wage ...



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whereon rights are retained by respective authors.