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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010



- I -

Is there a pulse there? Or are you lost within screens?

Reality SCREAMS to be heard above the buzz of superficial visions and manufactured dreams. 

Meanwhile oblivious observers are wading through streams. This whole time every one's third eye flickers and gleams. We must escape these extremes...

- II -

Quit your allegiance to all those useless sports teams. Protest against any repressive regimes.

Use rhymes for much more than petty personal schemes. Deconstruct our overarching and underlying themes. Refine Self like a diamond cut by laser beams.

Do you hear that? The tea kettle steams. Now to hell with social media's basic bitch memes!


Author's Note: Written in honor of Keanu Reeves, on his 56th birthday.


Oh most excellent one

Few other stars are equally serious yet fun.

Verily Bertolucci could see the little Buddha in thee.

You brought Bodhi to the breaking point by the sea.

Need for speed taught tough lessons

About skirting dangerous liaisons

Like Count Dracula's evil


Advocating for the Devil.

Much ado about nothing adequately fits your critics.

Only Neo can overcome controls outside the Matrix.

Stay vigilant street king;

A scanner sees darkly through everything

But you're no regular Joe

So go Johnny go

From Utah, to Don, then Mnemonic, Constantine, um? And Wick.

You've got plenty of action left—even after that last flick!

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Stank Culture

Foreword: In case this abstruse Anti-Poem makes you feel like an old Boomer since you can't catch its many references, then you may want to read this helpful glossary chez: Cosmopolitan.

Stank Culture

Your cool couture is CANCELLED

Distressed worse than a damsel.

Best get out of the house

Decompress and delouse.

Casting shade but not sorry

Youth's just part of the story.

Here today, gone tomorrow

Who'll Stan by your late show?

Look—these locals are pissed

U & mutuals have dissed

Stressed them out with spilt tea;

Skinny legend? Guilty plea!

Trendy slang gets 'snatched'

Here for sh-nacks, duly stashed...


Highest Uncommon Numerator

Highest Uncommon Numerator

You may be a divider

But hither comes the indivisible...

Their pop cult's painfully obvious

[ True occult is near invisible ]

Mainstream tropes are tired and through

Whereas these here types are off the charts!

You can have the world's dough;

Some prefer to keep their smarts.


That's what the kids would rather be

Though neither boisterous nor notorious

Works too well with ℜoyal we.

For the full scope which we profess

Warrants writing out a Wiki™.

One can do lots more with less

Yet such simplicity turns tricky.

Dwarf, elf, vampire, werewolf or zombie?

Fictional fodder from the same family tree!

Hollywood hokum lies not deep at their core.

While the smarties among us find it all quite a snore


Interstate Studs

Interstate Studs

Three of us there, in our early twenties, during the late nineties. Standing outside the roadhouse restaurant, shooting the shit by the doorway. Tanned and tired from our long weekend in the woods.

Then that good looking girl came; a stranger in our midst. And she says: "Hi!"

We three respond as one: "Well hello."

She smiles radiantly before going inside.

"Do you know her?" Michael asks.

"No," Rami replies.

"Oh. Guess we're just a bunch of interstate studs then," Michael muses.

We break out in loud laughter!

This is all the heaven anyone ought to need...

The Preliminary Promise (w/ Podcast)

The Preliminary Promise

Green, green

All is green.

Welcome to the garden.

Welcome to the scene.

Come and hear us listen.

Come watch us and be seen.

Green, green

Oh all is green!

We are the agents of transition;

The bards of yesterday.

We are like soldiers on a mission

And we must have our say.

We've come to play the music

Of the sleeping instruments.

We've come to tell the tales

And sing the songs of your laments.

[Chorus Repeats]

We are the youthful avatars

Waiting in the wings.

No matter what you think or believe

You will live to see these things (x2)


[Chorus & Outro]

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