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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Renegade Rollick

Renegade Rollick

- I -

The Poet is naught but a void

Wherein verbosity flourishes.

Or haven't you heard?

Empty pots make the loudest sound!

The Poem becomes a playground

Of deviant figures of speech; unusual suspects.

Like teens beating around suburban bushes

We were once ragamuffin rejects.

- II -

You shouldn't need anyone else to tell you

When your outer Being shines brilliant

Cause incendiary flare draws moths to its flame.

Such a soul blisters as does the scorching core of Earth's native Sol.

These misuses were self-taught by this tributary thrall of The Muses

Why not flaunt them for others who would benefit from what their art disabuses?

Divorce thy narrowed mind of all those erroneous views

Only then canst thou benefit from nouveau linguistic news...

- III -

As for the average reader

Yous nothin' but a basic BISCH

Whose tracks are always shallow.

Instead: Donne nous de la Différance

Pourquoi? Because for far too long

The proverbial playing field has lain fallow

So get cooking with this kitschy kitchenette set

Or never darken our doorstep again with your shadow!

- IV -

Oh you know what they say:

"He's just a hack!

Thinking he can reinvent the wheel —

The sheer nerve of some people!"

Well then, drink deep of these Ent-draughts little Hobbits

That you may one day grow up to scale

Them Promethean heights yonder way

Where lowbrow repartee, no longer holds sway...

Oda A La Musa (Rare Bilingual Edition)

Oda A La Musa

Ella es La Estrella

Quien symboliza lo que sella

[ Hembra sagrada de Sagitta ]

Aunque talvez no lo sabe

Causa el saber cuando este loco se agita

Por esa alma gitana

Arquera sobre el puente

Te edifico otro verso Magnipotente:

Vamos centauro |) - -'`===> tu flecha encanta

Como un flamenco del Mauro!

                                         Image Credit: Pixers

Translation (Ode To The Muse):

She is The Star

Whom symbolizes what she seals

[ Sacred female of Sagitta ]

Although she may not know it

She causes knowing when this madman stirs

Roused by her gypsy soul

Archer over the bridge

We raise you another Magniloquent verse:

Let's go centaur |) - -'`===> your arrow enchants

Like a Moorish flamenco!

Conative Causation

Conative Causation

Let's rewind to primary times
Returning and rooting out rhymes —

Chaotic patterns such as ours
Are sensitive to initial conditions.
Conclusions always allude
To their own origin story.

Anyway, as Aldous asked:
Where are we off to in a big hurry?
We're progressing toward what, exactly?
These questions bear repeating.

So quit your sanctimonious bleating.
Holier than thou? You wish bro!
Seriously though, you're mistaken;
Taken in by the miscellany of modernity.

This pagan priest will now hear your confession.
Consider yourself free from imaginary salvation
(An Ankh isn't an unwarranted concession),
But back to the basics poor pilgrim...

The Material Causes here may be many
While any Formal Cause = quite antithetical.
This piece's Efficient Cause is redefining language
But its Final Cause advances stanzas ¡[parenthetical]!

Image: Illustration of the Four Aristotelian Causes.

Gnosis Through Osmosis

Gnosis Through Osmosis

The keys of the kingdom are given unto YOU
Who listen and read, then think these thoughts through...

It may sound quite clunky/data dumpy/name droppy
But those that follow the flow will soon be deep in-the-know.

Not talking about this little puzzle piece, since it's merely a signpost.
Seek and ye shall find reason within rhyme, written by a ghost.

It's also essential selfless style gets recognized as referential.
From there we can move onto matters a lot more existential.

Whether in Codex, Tantra, or contemporary Tome — Lunacy is the point always driven home.
Terrestrial life is terribly sublunar; let's accelerate our pace and ascend even sooner!


Out here sailing on his schooner.
Singing softly (olden crooner).
Perfect pitch — who needs a tuner?
Without mistake | adept harpooner.
Higher than any hot-air ballooner.
Living lovingly like a honeymooner... ☾



React against inertial forces

Realign energy vortexes

Rearticulate ageless phrases

Rebuff untoward advances

Reconstruct deconstructed nuances

Redress any inherent imbalances

Reengage reader's mental faculties

Reform grammatical casualties

Regenerate like crab apple trees

Reintegrate the least of these

Rejuvenate tamed inner beast

Release pheasants for hunt and feast

Remorse isn't worth dwelling on

Renovate; evaluate pro & con

Reorient the Western canon

Repetitio Est Mater Studiorum

Requisite knowledge stumps all but some

Resolution makes such depths easier to plumb

Retrain senses thence cleanse lenses

Reuse outdated references

Revise whatever the tense is

Rewired synapses sing grand symphonies

Reword what was first heard from aborigines

Rewrite old scripts to grant grand epiphanies...

Image: A pheasant in flight may symbolize abundance and creativity. 

Enter Dark Templar

Enter Dark Templar

Abandon cult of cac

It's just another cul-de-sac

Pass on through the temple of fear

Do you hear that? Dystopia draws near!

A thousand leagues full of discord awaits

Only lovers left living; haters suffer sad fates.

Dust off your link to the lightness aloft

Recover from this darkness what's lost

The next revolution is about to begin

Solely united can we common folk win ...

Major Arcana: The High Priest / Pope.



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