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Of Hearsay and Heresy

Of Hearsay and Heresy

- I -

Yeah, they'll say that he believed in this or that. Ah yes, his main influences were so and so dropping names disrespectfully. No actual comprehension between their ears; in toto bookish learning. Scholars readily reject the sages and seers as shamanic tricksters, since those in academia rarely practice anything preached. Trained only to compartmentalize disassembled parts, Telos gets lost in translation. Deep distrust begets deeper misunderstandings; far below any original thought. But beyond such roman walls, we wild ones roam . . .

~ ≈ ~

Well you see, the thing is that not all the 'smarties' fit into corridors crammed with conditions. Nor is everyone driven by monetary ambitions. Some hear a clarion call or view amazing visions. They may fail at simple tests, yet surpass their Earthly missions. Nobody remembers our remarkable elisions. Paltry critics give no credit on omissions!


i·con·o·clasm — noun (contemporary meaning):

the action of attacking or assertively rejecting cherished beliefs and institutions or established values and practices.


The Mold of Man is flawed

Tear it down, break it up

Ground to fine powder
Mixed in for new mortar
Remix it; reorder
Babble heard beyond border 

Spoiled child spares not rod
But refines style like a mod
Let's redefine what ain't broad
And bravely tread where we've not trod

Persevere, drain Grail cup

Raise our palaver LOUDER


“Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about.” 
~ Benjamin Lee Whorf
Language is the armory of the human mind, and at once contains the trophies of its past and the weapons of its future conquests.
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Every language is a world. Without translation, we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence.
~ George Steiner


Small minds only use little words.
Monosyllabic habits breed dum-dums
Who hear statements in their own language
As if they were spoken in some foreign dialect.

Creative turns of phrase irk the unthinking.
Lummoxes hate having to mull meanings
Over and above one's personal presets;
Pitiable specimens of sensibility!

Yet we mustn't fear any mutations.
Heck, let your mouth run the gamut
From the mundane to haute gambits
And may mimicry work in your favor.

Neither allow xenophobic tendencies
Ever taint thine appreciation of tongues.
Yea! Every phraseology offers us keys
That open portals to many worlds unseen ...

Shape Shifter

“The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn.”
~ Gloria Steinem

“The most necessary part of learning is unlearning our errors.”

~ Zeno 

"Where spirituality is concerned,
learning is all about unlearning -
unlearning almost everything you’ve ever been taught.
It’s all about unlearning and listening."
~ Anthony de Mello

Shape Shifter

Let's start by not taking ourselves too damn seriously.
Loosen up — crack knuckles and neck — stretch limbs ...

Confound it! This human mode is dumbfounded!
We spend so much time learning to identify
With this or that, him, her, and them.

Where rests the primal shape of one's face?
Heretofore any final form escapes our gaze.
Switch animal totems as a player trades out masks.
Strive for fluidity when it comes to sorcerers' tasks.

Static objects don't exist. Even ideals barely persist.
Stagnation awaits those who can't adapt to change.
Standing still within eye of whirlwind seems strange.
Stirs it not thy divine stars? Venusian women; men of Mars?
Starseeds wake, ascend to night. Gnostic knowing out of sight!

Shift below you must, lest your silver cord gather dust.
Then take flight as a raven to look upon lower auras.
The predator blends into background; praying prey ignore us.
Though myths may vary, a lot are attributed to Apollodorus.

Transparency serves an arranger behind these scenes.
Unless amorphousness flows, anthropomorphism anchors souls.
Undoing such damnation involves enacting fictive figures.

Let's end without wondering whether or not it all makes sense.
Latter years are needed to refine singular self into a peerless:

Shape Shifter

Hear It Read Aloud by the Author:

Time To Go META!

Time To Go META!

History is no mystery:
One day as if out of the blue
An unknown underdog
Ends up becoming Top Cat.

Decaying systems are overruled.
What once was thought gospel
Surprisingly turns to drivel
And its reverse becomes Truth.

Civilians will believe what they're told
To believe in, by any ruling authority.
Although all rules have exceptions;
Autonomous rogues who fight uphill battles.

Whoa there massive ass mama,
Don't you know that it's time to go META?
No civilized institution is unaffected
If letters of policy are writ by a meddler.

Ruthless, a Stalker requires zero proof
Thus like an airborne ship he sails aloof.
Recapitulate lest you miss a cunning step;
Some tomes unread beyond campus roof.

A Magus in mastery will not show mercy.
When matter meets antimatter
They cancel one another out.
So be it (such clashes remain immaterial).

Speed bumps on the road to Authentic City
Where only the coolest of Calicos frolic.
There we'll meet again fully splendored
And if providence permits, unbend each folded fender!
Image: Major Arcana, The Mage / Magician. See HERE for more.

Plagiarize This ...

Plagiarize This ...

Oh hi there future breed!
Canst thou even still read?
If not hush now and hearken,
Whilst these pages bleed:

When thy senses darken
Thou shalt feel forsaken.
Quiring quite a quandary;
Core liable to break-in.

Let us traverse the boundary
Betwixt forgery and foundry.
Our hands join in legerdemain
Marked with ashes (very powdery).

So catch a lion by its mane.
"Asa Nisi Masa" — insane!
Oft she calls her Magick gnome,
"Asa Nisi Masa" — refrain!

Better on paper be the Anti-Poem.
Whoredom of dollars leads to gloam.
Whole worlds are defiled through greed.
Put those etymons to rest; shalom!

The Fish Fry

The Fish Fry

Once there was a fisherman living close to the shores of Idealism. He had a pretty young fishwife with whom he shared a humble abode. Each day he would dive down beneath the waves, harpoon in hand. He would bring back exotic catches and plenty pearls for a necklace. She in turn, scraped scaly sparklers off fantastical fishes; removing gemstone guts with a serrated blade made of flame. They would place flawless fillets on a skillet over inner fire. Their supper was such that even an Emperor would envy them.

One day, both decided to cast their net from back of boat. Its translucent mesh spread out widely, dragging all in its wake. Yet while he began pulling in the net, a merman appeared to her. He told her this haul was a trifle compared to his sub-sea riches. Lulled by that seductive spell, the foolish fishwife absconded. A mighty tidal wave came and swept the fisherman far away. His boat became driftwood bits on a remote island's beachhead. However, he had held on to the net as well as its contents.

Hence did his solitary life commence set aside there. Although sweetest love was lost, he did become a better baiter. He caught everything from the slickest swordfish imaginable to Nereids who brought about reports of scarcity below. Alone he'd prepare the Fish Fry, starting with the biggest; supping on wonders of the deep but also fasting at times. During full moons, countless bioluminescent specimens came to pay him tribute and adorn his thousand-petaled coral crown.

The moral be: cherish whatever you yourself conceive. Unlike a fishwife deceived by the deeps!

Aquiline Ascension

Aquiline Ascension

Up on its aerie at the top of the world
It perches, plucking mottled plumes.

Arthritic talons, crimped from overuse
Shall have to be painfully pulled out.

Then even that dull rostrum will lie busted
Smashed against a freshly reddened rock. 

Days will pass. Weeks, months (maybe years).
Wintry winds will buffet a barely living body.

But gradually, feathers, claws, and beak grow back;
Which is when Eon Eagle heads forth thus renewed.

Swooping so swiftly as to part oceanic waters
Before arching skyward, into the bluest expanse!

It's Festivus For The Rest of Us!

It's Festivus For The Rest of Us!

Strip down that tinsel tree to its bare aluminum pole.

Behold it has a very high strength-to-weight ratio.

Let the Airing of Grievances commence around the table.

Got a lot of problems with you people, and you're gonna hear about it!

Savor some meatloaf served on a bed of lettuce during dinner.

Up next come Feats of Strength; pin the patriarch or we continue.

Festivus YES — Bagels NO — Hey! No bagel, no bagel, no bagel ...

Don't be two-faced about the whole thing. Stand under good lighting.

If you buy nothing this season, it'll be a Festivus miracle!

All proceeds this year will go to the Human Fund: Money For People.

Lexicography 2015

Author's Note: For a more complete listing of this year's Neologisms, please refer to > OXFORD & OXFORD.

Lexicography 2015

A is for autotune, let it lie to your ears.

B gets a bukkake  (if bae doesn't ask, don't tell).

C took a carnap. Wake us up when we're there.

D needs a double-double. We'll take it to go.

E gave up smoking for e-cigarettes. Enough said.

F feels an urge to fap. Not so fleek. *facepalm*

G's gone to the grow-op. Now legal in two states.

H is home to the hyperlocal. A hot mess contained.

I brings forth an internaut; diving down deep web.

J models its jeggings. Nouveau fashion faux pas.

K keeps it kikay, with her makeup and yoga pants.

L ended up lotless. Still got more than Q and X.

M amounts to meh. It's either that or matchy-matchy.

N has been nanosized. A lesser evil if punned.

O may be on-trend  but also going off-grid.

P promotes another pageview by photobombing.

R requires a retweet because ranga lives matter!

S sees to it that sexting comes first fo'shizzle.

T translates to twerking, which twitterati enjoy.

U ought to be aware uber- received prefix status.

V verifies victory for the vape heads, exhaling vog.

W witnesses a webisode on ways to waterboard.

Y says yaaas, it's almost over. Yelp review after.

Z flaunts Zef style since Die Antwoord made it BIG.

~ Now you know speaking decrees ~
~ Next time think before using these ~

Pantheism 101

For further info on this topic, please refer to: 

Pantheism 101

It's not that we believe in everything
Or consider nature to be God.
Rather, we see the value of each belief system
In relation to its respective host.
As for the universe; what more sacred Reality?
Isn't life itself animated as if by Spiritus?
It matters not whether that's the case.
Philosophers are stuck in semantics.
Poets are ever up to perverse antics.
Scientists inch closer to confirming
That which ancient seers were affirming.
Overthink at your own risk.
This lesson is over, and yes, its pace was brisk!

Image: Pan by John Coulthart.

Playing At Angles

Playing At Angles

The power of the pyramids is epitomized by a triangle.

So come on now daddy-o, don't be such a quadrangle!

This Gordian knot we've tied, no Earthly prince can disentangle.

All the rabbits in this warren are after that carrot ``they`` dangle.

Docile bunnies can`t wrest anything from anyone nor even wrangle.

Those wolves who wear sheepskin are mean enough to always mangle.

Find it in your heart to not reach around their necks then strangle.

Listen instead to soothing dark jazz with a little jingle-jangle.

Ignore these other idiots, distracted by a banner`s spangle.

Though life may hand us limes, one can in any case wangle!

Image: Courtesy of Fallen Angles.

Misanthropic Principles

"I am a misanthrope and yet utterly benevolent, have more than one screw loose yet am a super-idealist who digests philosophy more efficiently than food."  
~ Alfred Nobel

Misanthropic Principles

Like many other manners unbecoming to the mass
Misanthropy is misunderstood as a half glass.

It isn't necessarily driven by fundamental hate
But rather by aversion to what most people imitate.

Fitting in isn't important to curmudgeons, antisocial.
Lambs may play it safe; rams break barriers so crucial.

While everybody else will take the given at face value
Their eyes shall analyze until they find facts to be true.

Nothing novel was ever wrought with complacent hands.
Nowhere new gets explored if you're content in your lands.

Real artists must detach from what the crowd thinks it knows.
Pioneers feel thrust out; dispatched despite any negative noes!

Amisit Musa

"As the Spirit wanes, the Form appears." ~ Charles Bukowski

Amisit Musa

1st Canto

Amused by the Ego
Striving for validation.
Quo vadis?
Self-importance shalt follow ...

Inspiration grabs one rarely;
~ Amisit Musa ~
Trapped within convention
What's the use?

Bemused when the Id
Employs Eros and Thanatos.
Querencia vincit!
Threats of displeasure ring hollow.

Expiration warns one fairly:
~ Amisit Musa ~

Suckered by your Superego
What a ruse!

2nd Canto

Calliope come, bring forth rampaging epics.

Clio's confounded by false history books.

Erato enrapture us in beauty and mercy.

Euterpe entrances with melodic flutes.

Melpomene mirrors our tragic moments.

Polymnia's praises imprinted in hymnals.

Terpsichore traipses around in a tutu.

Thalia thinks it all to be quite comedic.

Urania's unaware of anything under asters.

Mnemosyne muses as only a mother is able!

Radio Is The Enemy

Radio Is The Enemy

Although they may have once served a proper purpose
Presently, radio stations pander to popular tastes.
Singles are given airtime mainly to generate album sales.
Played ad nauseam at regularly timed intervals
An earworm can make its way into anybody's brain.

If music were a fruit, most listeners wouldn't reach the core.
They get stuck mulling over an alluring outer peel.
Not to mention abrasive ads that shout for our attention.
They've got it down pat to a covert science of coercion.
Flashy exteriors matched by nonexistent interiors.

Of course it'll have to do for critically impaired cubicle rats
Who waste their days away like lowliest ants in a colony.
What was good will be repeated indefinitely at all hours
Until it becomes like Beethoven's 9th in a Clockwork Orange.
What is awful shall receive the same treatment; no less!

Meanwhile, entire continents of choral gaiety go undiscovered.
Wonderful frequencies pipe up momentarily before drowning
Within the social milieu brought about via mean mediocrity.
Financial backing makes or breaks sound waves reaching ears.
Even "Indie" gets co-opted as a niche genre to generate profit.

Repeat: Radio Is The Enemy of Good Music!



Noun (tray-full-guhs):

Somewhere between crystal dimensions
There roams a perfect behemoth of a beast.
Its real name is actually more like the sound of
Something heavy being submerged underwater.
And although there are many of them around
They are all essentially the same creature.

Its massive gray body ripples with raw sinew
Scored by black stripes along curves on its length.
It has a handsome face that's either man or woman
Depending on how one looks at it; asexual genotype,
Inorganic phenotype that absorbs decaying dark matter
While baring imposing breasts against storming skies.

Resembling certain Mediterranean bull deities
These gloss the banks of oblivion's river
In a valley where atavist tongues resound for eternity
And childhood is recalled by us passing through.
But make no mistake, though awesome to behold
Tresfulgi are not as noble as we might want to think.

No indeed, it appears rather as if said hulks represent
The dominant features of conqueror cultures
Which divest lesser beings of right livelihood:
Thrusting themselves into the affairs of others
Taking lots to give little except death in return.
May you and yours be spared such happenstance!

Twitter Is Like, Crack.

Twitter Is Like, Crack.

Another sleepless night,
Course failed at school,
Day missed at work.

Casino fruit machines,
Dog and horse racetracks,
Barely compare to the blue bird.

Instant gratification
From a pleasant chime;
Irresistible urge to connect.

It's all or nothing on the line ...
What's trending next?
Who's hashtag tops the polls?

Follow those who reciprocate.
Cut loose the dead weight.
Hurrah for verified accounts!

Cursed be the white whale
Whenever Le Tuit does fail.
Cross your fingers, reload page.

140 characters should suffice to sayeth
Expressing cheap thoughts is all the rage.

While lost in cyberspace don't lose control — keep faith!

Yucky Yuppy

Author's Note: For some context regarding this piece, please refer to this > ARTICLE.

Yucky Yuppy

The age of the Hipster is officially over
Enter the era of the "Yuccie"
(Young Urban Creative)

Coasting off parental payments
Education exceeds intellect
A diploma equals entitlement

Little respect for predecessors
Qualitative labeling for all
Recapitulation due to oversight

Beatnik and Hippy rolled into one
With inauthentic pretentiousness
Even irony gets lost in the shuffle

Every damn dolt is now an artiste
There is perhaps no greater tragedy
Than meaning subverted by money

Anything to make a quick buck
Nothing is sacred that can be sold
The world's an oyster laid barren

Ah hell, take that selfie for Instagram
Watch another rerun of Seinfeld
Getting over oneself is no mere career move!

Image: Portlandia poster for "This is an art project" episode.



Truth tellers recount happenings as accurately as memory serves

Whistleblowers point fingers to prosecute whom justice perturbs

Soothsayers may answer prayers when naysayers are unnerved

Axons conduct neural impulses to dendrites across synaptic nerves

Sensuality conveys more than possible for a writer's condensed blurb

Gather however much you can from what remains here unreserved

This meddling meter wears out its welcome; kicked onto the curb

Yet it's writ in decimal because such structures gleam superb

The town crier relays clear messages through voluble verve

In the end, unjust ones gossip: spitting venom undeserved.

Image: Thrice-Great Hermes, master of mysteries.

Twitch Was Born In The Arcade

Twitch Was Born In The Arcade

Back in the day as they say
You had to stand at a colorful cabinet
Feeding quarters into the machine to play
And if you happened to be any good at it
Lots of people would gather around to watch.

Spectators crowded together during a versus match
Oohing and aahing when contenders clashed
Wowed by audiovisual effect of hits landing
Joysticks spun, buttons were mashed
High scores gave one social standing.

Nowadays those old ways have mutated;
Games are broadcast from the comfort of home
Long-distance buffer zones keep players isolated
Hecklers become blacklisted, n00bs get p0wned!
Onlookers flood internet streams by the millions worldwide.

Video gaming is a new spectator sport played inside.
MMORPG addicts and FPS elites are virtual athletes
Impartial systems re-spawn those who've died
Platinum trophies prove what one completes
But among masters who compete, skill decides!

Image: Twitch, see: twitch.tv



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