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Eon Eagle - Herald of Quetzalcoatl

<br>Eon Eagle - Herald of Quetzalcoatl<br><br>

The Flagship of AntiPoetry — est. 2010



Let's engage in a productive waste of time;
Confusing to one's taste buds
Like a slice of sweet key lime.

Organized chaos thrives
Online throughout the web.
Cracking tasteless jokes
Like an aristocratic pleb.

Acting cruelly to show compassion is
Contradictory as a rich man wearing rags
Then setting off a brand new trend in fashion biz.

So hold what's left and write
From center of prefrontal cortex.
Cause bears forth its own effects
While old wrongs are all aright.

These sharps may be retarded — thus cleave in manner trite!


Potboiler (noun): a mediocre work of literature or art produced merely for financial gain.


Number NONE on the New York Times Bestseller List!

Featuring lilliputian lingo fit for limited engagements

But that's not all —

Order now and we'll throw in some acid-leaking batteries

Completely free of charge.

Anyway, what's most important is for low brow content

To become so commonplace that not a soul complains.

Such pandering will surely increase our market share

And please the Board of Infesters.

We stand at the verge of a Bravo Nouveau Weltanschauung!



Seven for the Pleiades —

Sister stars of ancient lore.

Some think to call them home

(others think a little more).

Seven were the wonders

Of the world in ages past.

To day they've been updated,

But short term memories don't last.

Seven notes of melody

Comprise all tonic scales.

Infinite variations give us

Endless sonic tales.

Seven sins prove deadly

For those lacking self-control.

Get to know your triggers,

Or the outcome won't be droll.

Seven are the Chakras;

Vortices of vital breath.

Meditate on these and see

Horus vanquish Seth!

Seven senses function

If a dreamer is wide awake.

Sixth be the so-called psychic,

Seventh: uncoiled ethereal snake.

Seven seals will break

When Judgment Day arrives.

Then we'll know who excelled

Or erred by wasting precious lives ...

Verb Boss City

Verb Boss City

Nobody wants to hear it;
Tiny brains cannot bear it —

Any outpour of adjectives
Accompanying their respective
Subjects to achieve a higher objective.

They were once believed to be blessings
Of superlative bliss, but lately
Sunny ideas meld together

While choral nocturnes
Turn into perverse 
Techno trysts.

Red tail-lights pulsate
Like plasmic irony through
The autobahn's main artery.

Penthouse apartheid
Scrapes skies overhead
Because Phobos hates hoboes.

Gilded cage suits the socialite parrot ...
However, a Jack Hare won't chase that carrot!

Image: Urban Bunny courtesy of Laura Heikkala.

Non-Standard Disclaimer

Non-Standard Disclaimer

The preceding is an unpaid Badvertisement
Wherein you (henceforth, "the readers")
Are subject to the terms and conditions
Of disservice delineated herein:

We (henceforth, "the writers")
Will not condescend to dumb down
Our message, which is the essence
Of this antipoetic license.

The readers will be given consideration
Only insofar as they are willing and able
To interpret these overstatements
With a perceptive or receptive mindset.

Subterfuge such as sarcasm, satire, and simile
Shall be utilized to outwit even the savviest
Swashbucklers slogging through this boggish
Assemblage of piss-poor penmanship.

Although the readers may not buy it
All sales are final; in other words
There are no refunds to be given
For the minutes you have now wasted ...

Console yourself with promotional code: NEVER-AGAIN!

Trench Trap

Trench Trap

Mayday, mayday

Bardship Battalion

Undergoing heavy

Artistry fire!

Dug foxhole

Too deep;

Hellish shock

Setting in . . .

Please send

Literary support.

Airdrop grants

Over coordinates:

Lima, Mike

Alfa, Oscar.

Enemy columnist

Approaching position —





Hark the herald angel's hum:

Bring your banjo

Pick then strum!
Moot point wavers

To and from.

Eat devil's banquet;

Don't drop crumbs.

Life's more sanguine

Than red rum.

Break up huddle

We gotta scrum.

Time to kick-ass

Spit out gum.

There are secrets

Left to plumb ...

March to beat

Of internal drum.

Have no reason

To feel glum.

Pull that slack

Old school chum.

First one fucks

Before two cum!

Amateur Hour

Amateur (noun):
1. A person who engages in a study, sport, or other activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit or professional reasons.
2. An athlete who has never competed for payment or for a monetary prize.
3. A person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity.
4. A person who admires something; a devotee or fan.

Middle French [1775-85] from the Latin amātor (lover).

Amateur Hour

First and foremost: here's an amateur!

Auteur pour son compte

Lover of les belles arts

(imitator supreme)

Orator des choses sublime.

Borrowed barbs from malheur's flowers —

Ne comprends pas?

More's the pity, old sport.

Behold unbridled puissance;

Douceur has gone sour.

Moliere's Misanthropos

Il est tres apropos

Exemplar par excellence

Et aussi le ne plus ultra

Connoisseur covering . . .

Sixty minutes of infamy

Rife with disrespect

For conventional flow

And blatant disregard

Toward audience comprehension!

Ars Somnium

Author's Note: For further notes on Carlos Castaneda's The Art of Dreaming, please refer to Wikipedia.

Ars Somnium

Sevenfold be the sorcerer's gateways to dreaming (each gate is first reached [i] and then crossed [ii] although not necessarily consecutively):
  1. Manual Setup — [i] Settle the outcome, 'mano a mano'. The Second Attention is only awoken by our conscious intention. Find your hands in a dream and look away briefly before returning to them intently. Rinse and repeat; this stabilizes one's nocturnal 'double'. [ii] Fall asleep while remaining lucid. Having forged your energy body, you must learn how to use it. Take baby steps. Will yourself into action. Attempt to interact with ethereal objects.
  2. Nesting Instinct —  [i] Once proficiency is achieved, start dreaming within dreams. Master awakening from deeper and deeper theta states. One can also focus on ancillary items in order to transition toward different dream scenes. [ii] Consistent years of practice should pique the interest of Inorganic Beings. Project confidence and they'll surely rally to you. Avoid fear at all costs. Try tracking Inorganic scouts back to their own abodes. Those who play their cards right shall gain allies who can heighten our awareness more than ever thought possible.
  3. Dreamer & Dreamed — [i] At some point you'll come face to face with your actual sleeping self. Your two Attentions are now merging. The energetic double is Being completed, thus does it begin touching upon everyday reality. It's imperative that you develop a method of confirming without doubt that this is indeed your physical form. Heed Don Juan's advice and observe everything here "with great care and curiosity". [ii] Beware of rational mind or else end up trapped in superfluous minutiae. Rely instead on irrational abandon so that your perception doesn't linger too long on any particular detail. Fluidity is of utmost importance.
  4. Sightseeing & Sharing — [i] Use the 'dreamt' to visit familiar locales. Follow up by visiting places that are less known, including situations outside mundane experience. [ii] Enter the dream of another dreamer, or occupy a mutual dream together. Such feats require bounteous reserves of personal power, which are usually obtained through abstinence or energy exchanges with one's allies.
  5. Bridging Gaps — [i] Switch out the aforementioned double with your material embodiment. The double can be sent ahead and exert its pull upon physicality. Transposition becomes possible. Practice astral projection at its finest. Most people won't be able to tell the difference between either manifestation anyway. [ii] Split in twain, catapult into unknown realities. There you may temporarily inhabit the viewpoint of an otherworldly entity. While we're prone to impute human qualities on such alien experiences, just gaze directly (rather passively) at those energies, and witness vast mysteries unravel!
  6. Spirit Animals — [i] Sometimes when we traverse outlandish dreamscapes, natural obstacles arise. During these times, it's not uncommon for the double to react instinctively by assuming a feral physique: birds, felines, foxes and wolves are common totems. [ii] Moreover, once shamans become comfortable enough in 'beast mode', they can actually awaken elsewhere as animals. This is a dangerous threshold that one ought to cross only if utterly confident and after much training.
  7. Tonal & Nagual — [i] Duality is breached for good as both Attentions get unified. In a manner of speaking, it's like 'dreaming awake'. This is Seeing proper, since sufficient Impeccability has been cultivated, and it's ripe for harvesting. The dreamer beholds daily life through the eyes of the dreamt. [ii] The island of one's Tonal is now flooded by elements flowing from the Nagual's oceanic emanations: Assemblage Point, luminous cocoons, power plants, Rolling Force, Voladores, etc. You might even hear the Voice of Seeing itself. Whatever you do, don't tell the uninitiated about these things because they'll probably have you committed!

The Cricket's Call

"According to the Aztec language, the word Chapultepec means the  following: Chapul or chapulin means “cricket” and Tepec “hill.” Therefore,  the  Aztec  word Chapultepec must be defined as, “The Hill of the Cricket.”

In ancient Rome, during the time of the Caesars, the cricket was sold in golden cages at a very high price. In Mexico City, at the Museum of Anthropology and History there exists a very  interesting picture related to the teachings that were  taught  to the Aztec Nobility and Priests in their secret temples.

In this picture, we see two individuals floating over the Hill of Chapultepec. A chirping cricket appears at the summit of the hill.  Next to this scene, a floating human face appears; from the mouth emerges two waves of light which symbolize the chirping of the cricket, or in other words, the symbol for the monotonous and sharp sound of the cricket that the two people who are floating over the foothill must produce in order to penetrate into the temple."

~ from Aztec Christic Magic by Samael Aun Weor

The Cricket's Call

Mid-August somnolence;
Cicadas seethe by sunlight
But at nighttime, crickets chirp.

Nocturnal chorus basking
In the heatwave aftermath.
Waking wizards for witching hour ...

Roused astral body astir within interzone —
Early morning moth latch onto silver cord
And raise this wretched man above his foibles!

Unladen from Earthly burden
Mortal coil may be transmuted
To enact any empyrean alchemy.

Peter Pan flies to Neverland again
(applaud so that Tinker Bell revives).
Old Jiminy will attest to regained virtues!

PC Thuggery

PC Thug: Political correctness taken to an illogical extreme. In their crusade to not offend anyone, they lash out at the ideas or contributions of others. They see themselves as righteous but come across as total asses who argue about the most trivial semantics. ~ from Urban Dictionary

PC Thuggery

Be ye wary of skullduggery;

En garde against verbicidal muggery.

Bar raging bulls, or else face buggery!

Bear your brass with shoulder shruggery —

Sticks and stones shouldn't taste sugary ...

One mustn't barter away surety

Nor dread being beaten by sluggery.

Salvage wrecks using towboat tuggery:

Sassy ornament ought wit nicety and snuggery.

Down verity's vino now, oh champion of chuggery!

Image: Drinking Bacchus by Guido Reni (1623).

Dada's Bratty Brainchild

"In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage." ~ John Steinbeck

Dada's Bratty Brainchild

Outcast in banishment

For going anti-establishment

But will not bother with lament

Cause if we blather on — inclement

It goes to show zero increment ...

Diplomacy remains a crude implement.

Harmonize notes upon chosen instrument;

Compensate for the crowd's lack of merriment.

Distill wrathful grapes when they doth ferment,

Then flying colors shalt highlight thine experiment!

Enigmata Tomb Bomb

Enigmata Tomb Bomb

Sunk under so low

Bottoming out down below.

Redundant fecundity

Reaching up from profundity.

A lifetime of talent

Misspent on the worst world

Where free spirits can be sent.

But worry not!

If anyone is reading this

It means fate hasn't forgot.

Hence here's another ditty —

A diamond dug from nitty-gritty:

Sanctified Southern wind come nigh,

Quicken Northern landscape gone awry.

Difficult changes; trickier languages.

Doesn't dilute but enriches US.

Hate is composed of horrid habits;

Intermix like horny rabbits!

Hybrid our breed forever then.

Yet even that won't lessen

Animalistic animosity among men.

Try to preemptively learn this lesson . . .

Ire be its own greatest nemesis —

Abide by no anger toward any stranger.

Spiritual descendants outlive and ASCENDETH

Discredited Diction

Discredited Diction

Wrong from the get-go
(Opening lines are critical
 first impressions so pivotal).

According to website statistics
This is around where 90%
Of young surfers wipe out.

Why not? After all,
There isn't much here
Other than daft draft letters.

Coherence of a whole different
Order as well as magnitude
Buildings ante blueprints.

Hence it doesn't suffice
To say things less than thrice.
Vowel-chimes both vice and device.

Being clever won't get us very far
When we're regularly at odds
With the callous majority.

Clawing one's way uphill
During a merciless mudslide;
Life story of any poor minority.

While those who call themselves
"normal" or "sane" but whom
Are actually self-righteous

Act with hideous hypocrisy!
This cynical plaintiff stands
Little chance of dispelling such guff.

Thrown off golden cuff just because
You won't back bold individuals:
"He's only a lone dissenter!"

Yet ever in your wanderlust
You'll wonder what was lost
Asking fellow tourists for directions ...



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