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Eon Eagle - Herald of Quetzalcoatl

<br>Eon Eagle - Herald of Quetzalcoatl<br><br>

The Flagship of AntiPoetry — est. 2010

The Gospel Gone Vita

The Gospel Gone Vita

Ah La Vida
Vital Force
Very Quick &
Plus vite!

Dolce Vita
Vitality - Speeding
Vim, verve

Vibrant Vanitas;
Veracity seems sweeter when
Velocity is freed up!

Entelechy's Footnote:

Hallelujah oh unnamed Lord or Lady
May a divine whirlwind lift us aloft
Mortal trappings are more than meat
The eye and other sense organs delay
Behind our brains unable to bear sway
Of one's Weltanschauung verging on defeat
Write off whatever they say some creator coughed
Warriors thrive halfway, between bright and shady.

Blue Crystal Eagle by Special Guest Kleomichele Leeds

Editor's Note: Kleomichele Leeds is a Yogini and Poet, as well as an expert on Mayan Calendrics and Cosmology. She keeps a blog tracking the sacred Tzolk'in HERE and is also involved in producing a docu-drama entitled Shift of The Ages. The following piece was originally published on April 3rd 2014, which is a corresponding date on our Gregorian calendar for this Mayan holy day.

Blue Crystal Eagle

Blue Crystal returns
Reflecting newest Light –

Earth and Sky
Teachings to become
Laws of Time

Cosmic Sagas
Planetary Visions
Galactic in Scope

Universal Symbols –
Giving Infinite Hope!

In Yucatec Mayan, Men = 'Eagle'. In Quiche Mayan, Tz'ikin = 'bird'. Those are the names of this glyph, our hallowed Kin which represents a quintessential Wavespell!

Irrelephantitis (w/ Podcast)

Author's Note: This piece is an Antipoetic follow-up to Kathleen Radigan's original Irrelephant.


May the court hear out this litigant
And find rolling rhymes quite resonant.
In case there is any contaminant
Cause and effect might be concomitant.
So if you feel vexed by an irritant
Judge who's thoughts are dominant:
Those of the people's President
Or yourself, a hapless celebrant?

Let's try to stay pertinent
Although nothing can rest permanent.
Stagnant water tastes acrid; aberrant
From poison well dug by the petulant.
Counteract with mots magniloquent
Lest somebody think us ignorant.
We the jury figure one defendant
Isn't sufficiently militant to prove significant!

¿Specimen frequently tangential and insolent
Totally dependant like diabetics on insulin
Discipline using strict regimen until excellent
¡Everything evident renders verdict relevant

Image: Tolkien's Oliphant (a.k.a. Mumakil) by StockmanArt.



The Eternal Moment is back!

New and improved as ever before

Relucent splendour blinds third eye
Dreams and experience interchangeable

Parallel existence multiplying all around us

Only the most perceptive people can see it
Undivided among merely apparent multiplicity

Magnificent Monad splintered in fractal infinity

Universal memory stretched beyond spacetime

Everything is obvious to those lit from within
Rational answers for wild creatures acting civil?

Such minds are secondary to silent Will at work
Any mystic sage, wise sophist or shaman knows

That rarefied truth puts an onus on observers

We are the coauthors of our assumed Reality

Heroes, rascals and zeroes: typecast tropes

Arbitrary labels define how society evolves

Don't fall for shadows playing on cave wall

Even believing your own story is suspect

Doubt logical assertions as illogical ones

Flip switches, push buttons, recalculate

Having plotted a course - cast off now

Drifting past present and future until

Reaching an ageless continent

Always living; constant instant!

Flights of Fancy by Guest Bard Roger Still

Editor's Note: Today's selection of Doggerel comes to us courtesy of Roger Still, who humbly describes himself as a new writer. Though his poems may leave you wanting more, he effortlessly lifted the AntiPoetic Gauntlet of Poésie Sans Poète (No I, ME, MY, or MINE - see Submissions page). Find out more about him HERE.

The Unicorn Hammer

"What is that?" the child asked

Eyeing the shiny object with speculation.

"That, is a Unicorn Hammer," the old man replied.

"What’s it for?" the child asked.

"Why, for bashing in the skulls of beautiful

Mythical creatures," the old man answered.

The child cried and cried while the old man

Simply chuckled to himself.

Captive to The Fool

Notice how the king is entranced

By the noises of the jester

Though they are crude, he is in love

With the netherworld of life

Watching as his jester takes him

To the dingiest depths of depravity

Then scales onto heights of impropriety

When the time for bequeathing comes

The jester will walk away with jewels.


Facing a cave wall, some egg heads

Considered the etchings and characters

Left behind by ancient architects

They must have had something in common

Head, heart, lust, recipes?

But their faces are long buried

Beneath tides of earth and moss

Someday, they will be in a museum

Someday perhaps, they shall be truly rediscovered...



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