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<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Oda A La Musa (Rare Bilingual Edition)

Oda A La Musa

Ella es La Estrella

Quien symboliza lo que sella

[ Hembra sagrada de Sagitta ]

Aunque talvez no lo sabe

Causa el saber cuando este loco se agita

Por esa alma gitana

Arquera sobre el puente

Te edifico otro verso Magnipotente:

Vamos centauro |) - -'`===> tu flecha encanta

Como un flamenco del Mauro!

                                         Image Credit: Pixers

Translation (Ode To The Muse):

She is The Star

Whom symbolizes what she seals

[ Sacred female of Sagitta ]

Although she may not know it

She causes knowing when this madman stirs

Roused by her gypsy soul

Archer over the bridge

We raise you another Magniloquent verse:

Let's go centaur |) - -'`===> your arrow enchants

Like a Moorish flamenco!

Conative Causation

Conative Causation

Let's rewind to primary times
Returning and rooting out rhymes —

Chaotic patterns such as ours
Are sensitive to initial conditions.
Conclusions always allude
To their own origin story.

Anyway, as Aldous asked:
Where are we off to in a big hurry?
We're progressing toward what, exactly?
These questions bear repeating.

So quit your sanctimonious bleating.
Holier than thou? You wish bro!
Seriously though, you're mistaken;
Taken in by the miscellany of modernity.

This pagan priest will now hear your confession.
Consider yourself free from imaginary salvation
(An Ankh isn't an unwarranted concession),
But back to the basics poor pilgrim...

The Material Causes here may be many
While any Formal Cause = quite antithetical.
This piece's Efficient Cause is redefining language
But its Final Cause advances stanzas ¡[parenthetical]!

Image: Illustration of the Four Aristotelian Causes.



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