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Power Clown

WARNING: This piece is a poetic play-by-play of Warner Bros. Joker and contains SPOILERS.

"In such a [carnivalesque] system the king is the clown. He is elected by all the people and is mocked by all the people. He is abused a beaten when the time of his reign is over, just as the carnival dummy of winter or of the dying year is mocked, beaten, torn to pieces, burned or drowned. They are 'gay monsters'. The clown was first disguised as a king, but once his reign ended his costume was changed, 'travestied', to turn once more into a clown. The abuse and thrashing are equivalent to a change of costume, to a metamorphosis. Abuse reveals the other, true face of the abused, it tears off his disguise and mask. It is the king's uncrowning.

Abuse is death, it is former youth transformed into old age, the living body turned into a corpse. It is the 'mirror of comedy' reflecting that which must die a historic death. But in this system death is followed by regeneration, by the new year, new youth, a new spring. Therefore, abuse is followed by praise; they are two aspects of one world, each with its own body." ~ Mikhail Bakhtin

Power Clown

Crying clown
Here comes another
Beat down

Broken and devastated
The norm is torn apart—

Today, smother your mother
Tomorrow, eat the rich
Then each other.

Upturned frown
Here comes the
Power Clown

Reborn an Archon of anarchy

Chaos reigns his dark carnival

The Fool is a King dressed in jest
Amid revolutionary protest!

Yet this would seem a ploy for Slavoj Žižek to foil

Or could our court Jester be a Lord from an outer reach of southwester?
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