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Sententious Sonnet

Sententious Sonnet

Now who could fill the shoes of Petrarch today?
Vox Dei may perhaps sway the mind of a logician
Running the gamut from pedestrian to patrician.
Attentiveness is key, to keep many balls in play.

Heave the anchor ho and pray Aquilo's gusts won't betray
As we set sail like the Argo on its perilous mission.
Till simile’s soil 'til dragon's teeth foment sedition.
Do not stray from battlefield—dilettante—join the fray!

Oxford might have us keep ‘shtum’
‘cause the scheme here goes athwart
And this theme seems desultory.

Pollice Verso (with your thumb);
May these thoughts on art impart
Aesopian moral to our story.

2 Bold Responses

Lokyygg said...


I am having issues checking out your site. I cannot find any information pertaining to your book. I hope you can offer me some help. Sorry to bother you.

Adriana Lucas
lsarkard AT gmail.com

Obsidian Eagle said...

Hello Adriana,

Sorry for the late response!

My blog is dedicated solely to Poetry but you can find info for my new book (A Codex For Gnostics) pinned to my Twitter profile:


It is also available via amazon.com as well as Barnes & Noble and chapters.indigo.ca

Thank you kindly for your interest!

~ ItzQuauhtli; Herald of Quetzalcoatl



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