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Ceci Ne Pas Un Poème...

Ceci Ne Pas Un Poème...

Non, non, c'est juste une mauvaise blague!

Tell you what though; lunkheads need not apply themselves to deciphering thoughts well beyond their base IQs. Better crack another cold one and watch the game instead.

Happy go lucky? Nah mate. Swindled voters cry all the way to the bank and back. Bellyaching about "fake news" and how the corporate media sold out. *SHOCKER*

When will the people outgrow those false dichotomies, which they claim to reject, yet cannot stop debating over in every comment section of all the social forums?

Forget progress — rather we're regressing into caveman tribalism. Manipulated by an invisible hand. Manus Lavat Manum. Divide Et Impera. Oldest tricks in the book. No need for conspiracies.

Enter orchestrated chaos, where not a single group can rally. What a 'flustercluck' of irreconcilable differences. Mankind surely shit the bed here on this planet. Mayhap The Matrix should reset?

Oui, oui, minuit viens vite ici!

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