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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010



Up to snuff on the canon
ever since the series' inception.

Watched a trio of films fashioned after
the literary trilogy, three times, in 3D
(but read every book years before cinematic debut).

Fanboy fawning over fiction
avidly awaits memorabilia and merchandise;
cultural baubles induce idolatrous fascination.

Raised by the capital
as another man-child filled with yearning
for a time that never was in fantasy lands.

"Did you see the new trailer?"
"OMG — its looks amazing!"
"Let's all go watch it on opening night..."

Real life is too boring anyway:
its bland narrative has become predictable.
Around here, there are no superheroes to save the day!

Satirical Infographic courtesy of Dorkly.

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