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Contentious & Pretentious

Contentious & Pretentious

The difference between us is that you tend to find only a single meaning when reading any Gibbon word. Where's your ear for homophony, and your eye for elision? Sometimes more is said through an act of omission. A real Logophile eats obscure words for breakfast as well as every other repast. Xenophobia is often grounded in fearing foreign languages; intellectual insecurity characterizes minor minds. After all, such folk rarely think about the parts of speech inherent to their own mother tongue. They wouldn't even know the difference between adverb and verb if you asked them. Why? Because they take the Howe for granted. It's tough to tell what's similar when you never dare to compare. Humble your big old Self and take this strange advice: 

Challenge the limits of conventional thinking by paying close attention to any other way of speaking — whether it be in film, song, or out on the street. Understanding isn't what's most important, but rather the loosening of one's conceit. That's that... these theses incomplete ≋ ≈ ~

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