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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010



"They" (you know who)

Prop you up

Just so they

Can knock you down.

Yes they'll drag

Your good name

Through the mud

And burn an effigy.

Media outlets shall

Unleash smear campaigns

To stain what was

Once thought untouchable.

Atlantean artifacts dismantled

Taken apart

Brick by brick

With grubby paws.

But have no pause,

The net trolls

Are upon us —

Push them back!

Shove elbow then fist

Combo flick of the wrist

Combat tooth and nail

Until bitter end.

This here is

The Great Tribulation

Death of a nation

Too late to pray.

There will be

No salvation

Only starvation

Plus denigration

Of social mores.

There's a FOX

In the henhouse;

Let slip dogs of war ...

Makwil Cuetzpalin (rare trilingual edition)

Makwil Cuetzpalin

E aqui Tonal

(un destino propio)

El mero proposito de esta existencia.

Hoy mismo se quebrara la primer regla

Ante todas las demas:

Si no sabes cual

Pues es porque no

Investigas suficientemente;

El numero cinco ha sido y siempre sera

Gran pentametro

De nuestra quintaesencia comun —

Un nombre del hombre en exilio desde Eden.

And on the fifth stave

An immense, jet-black Aquila hatched

From gone feathered serpent's crystalline egg.

Et le lendemain soir

Il est monte au clair de lune

Apres le coucher du soleil ...

Tonatiuh bajo

Al inframundo ~ en su puesto subio otro.

Con llamas tan agudas, que hasta siegan los malvados!

[ Nahual ItzQuauhtli sembro el sexto sol ]

Day-sign Macuilli Cuetzpalin (fifth lizard) corresponds to the author's date of birth.



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