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Echo-Chamber Chant

 "I study social media. Which means that to a first approximation, I watch people argue." 
~ Clay Shirky

Echo-Chamber Chant

(Rhythm: Calypso Andante)

Yelling in a tin can

Imbalanced between yin and yang

One can't be right all of the time

Our two cents aren't worth a dime

Opinions are like sphincters

Too vulnerable to pranksters

If you feel that facts don't matter

Then you're madder than a hatter

Quit craving biased confirmation

It's all just monkey imitation

What we think is nothing major

Stunted thoughts like a teenager

The Fake News has taken over

It's better now to run for cover

There's no wiz behind the curtain

Let's accept Being uncertain

* Repeat it ad absurdum *

Don't be shy, REPLY!



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