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~ Operand at the periphery ~

Like Don Giovanni's opera

It gives rise to an epiphany:

Bridging wide gaps within

A rich binaural symphony.

So let the players sing and

Take you by both tympani.

Such scores are highly rated

Among the annals of infamy.

Donna Elvira love him not —

For he goes beyond polygamy:

Over two-thousand bodices

Removed in crass indecency!

Even statues spring to life

Moved through sheer indignity.

Audiences are often duped

By the libretto's filigree;

Thinking it has something to do

With inborn nobility or pedigree.

The evanescent is nascent mid torment ...

Image: Don Giovanni Dragged Into Hell by Pietro Bini (1796).

Author's Note: If you enjoyed this piece, then you might want to take a look at its poetic 'prequel': Rhizomatous

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