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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Chaotic Neutrality

Chaotic Neutrality
Am within the world
But ain't of it . . .

So hey, whaddaya say
We let the chips fall
Wherever they may?

Roll the Icosahedron

What Heidegger called
The "Thrownness of Dasein"
And Wittgenstein suggested
To "pass over in silence".

You can bet Plato's pharmacy
Along with its uppers and downers
That King Thamus is rolling in his crypt.

In this script, pretense at truth is indescript.
Slip through the chutes but climb the ladders.
Shuffle your deck; dealing out only what matters.

Few conjugations are gaudier
Than cellar door painted azure!



Within the inverse universe
Altered states are at their worst.

Prime Directive may come first
But in a second, creeps bloodthirst.

Opaque looking glass doth stain
Another pane replete with pain.

It may strike one as insane
But think it over — wrack thy brain!

If Memory Alpha serves its function
We can repeat without compunction ...

Kill the lights and chant an injunction:
Reflected Mary — merits expunction!

Pronounced Machiavellianism

Pronounced Machiavellianism

Swoons the pointy tip of dark triad;
Fell shadow side that alters one's arrow.

Amoral machinations might madden the mighty
Like an upstart principality that shirks legality.

For a Prince should rather be feared than revered.
Thus bend falsified truths, with unflinching impunity.

Dominance writes itself a blank cheque
From morally bankrupt foundations.

An invisible hand moves over the face
Of those whose eyes are always veiled.

Everything comes down to meaning nothing
Within such a bizarro scenario ...


Suggested Settings:



Let's engage in a productive waste of time;
Confusing to one's taste buds
Like a slice of sweet key lime.

Organized chaos thrives
Online throughout the web.
Cracking tasteless jokes
Like an aristocratic pleb.

Acting cruelly to show compassion is
Contradictory as a rich man wearing rags
Then setting off a brand new trend in fashion biz.

So hold what's left and write
From center of prefrontal cortex.
Cause bears forth its own effects
While old wrongs are all aright.

These sharps may sound retarded — thus they cleave in manner trite!


Potboiler (noun): a mediocre work of literature or art produced merely for financial gain.


Number NONE on the New York Times Bestseller List!

Featuring lilliputian lingo fit for limited engagements

But that's not all —

Order now and we'll throw in some acid-leaking batteries

Completely free of charge.

Anyway, what's most important is for low brow content

To become so commonplace that not a soul complains.

Such pandering will surely increase our market share

And please the Board of Infesters.

We stand at the verge of a Bravo Nouveau Weltanschauung!



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