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The Cricket's Call

"According to the Aztec language, the word Chapultepec means the following: Chapul or chapulin means “cricket” and Tepec “hill.” Therefore, the Aztec word Chapultepec must be defined as, “The Hill of the Cricket.”

In ancient Rome, during the time of the Caesars, the cricket was sold in golden cages at a very high price. In Mexico City, at the Museum of Anthropology and History there exists a very  interesting picture related to the teachings that were taught to the Aztec Nobility and Priests in their secret temples.

In this picture, we see two individuals floating over the Hill of Chapultepec. A chirping cricket appears at the summit of the hill.  Next to this scene, a floating human face appears; from the mouth emerges two waves of light which symbolize the chirping of the cricket, or in other words, the symbol for the monotonous and sharp sound of the cricket that the two people who are floating over the foothill must produce in order to penetrate into the temple."

~ from Aztec Christic Magic by Samael Aun Weor

The Cricket's Call

Mid-August somnolence;
Cicadas seethe by sunlight
But at nighttime, crickets chirp.

Nocturnal chorus basking
In the heatwave aftermath.
Waking wizards for witching hour ...

Roused astral body astir within interzone —
Early morning moth latch onto silver cord
And raise this wretched man above his foibles!

Unladen from Earthly burden
Mortal coil may be transmuted
To enact any empyrean alchemy.

Peter Pan flies to Neverland again
(applaud so that Tinker Bell revives).
Old Jiminy will attest to our regained virtues!

PC Thuggery

PC Thug: "Political correctness taken to an illogical extreme. In their crusade to not offend anyone, they lash out at the ideas or contributions of others. They see themselves as righteous but come across as total asses who argue about the most trivial semantics." 

~ from Urban Dictionary

PC Thuggery

Be ye wary of skullduggery;

En garde against verbicidal muggery.

Bar raging bulls, or else face buggery!

Bear your brass with shoulder shruggery —

Sticks and stones shouldn't taste sugary ...

One mustn't barter away surety

Nor dread being beaten by sluggery.

Salvage wrecks using towboat tuggery:

Sassy ornament ought wit nicety and snuggery.

Down verity's vino now, oh champion of chuggery!

Image: Drinking Bacchus by Guido Reni (1623).

Dada's Bratty Brainchild

"In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage." ~ John Steinbeck

Dada's Bratty Brainchild


Outcast in banishment

For going anti-establishment

But will not bother with lament

Cause if we blather on—inclement

It goes to show zero increment...


Diplomacy remains a crude implement.

Harmonize notes upon your chosen instrument;

Compensate for the crowd's lack of merriment.

Distill wrathful grapes when they doth ferment,

Then flying colors shalt highlight thy Dadaist experiment!

Enigmata Tomb Bomb

Enigmata Tomb Bomb

Sunk under so low

Bottoming out down below.

Redundant fecundity

Reaching up from profundity.

A lifetime of talent

Misspent on the worst world

Where free spirits can be sent.

But worry not!

If anyone is reading this

It means fate hasn't forgot.

Hence here's another ditty —

A diamond dug from nitty-gritty:

Sanctified Southern wind come nigh,

Quicken Northern landscape gone awry.

Difficult changes; trickier languages.

Doesn't dilute but enriches US.

Hate is composed of horrid habits;

Intermix like horny rabbits!

Hybrid our breed forever then.

Yet even that won't lessen

Animalistic animosity among men.

Try to preemptively learn this lesson . . .

Ire be its own greatest nemesis —

Abide by no anger toward any stranger.

Spiritual descendants outlive and ASCENDETH

Discredited Diction

Discredited Diction

Wrong from the get-go
(Opening lines are critical
 first impressions so pivotal).

According to website statistics
This is around where 90%
Of young surfers wipe out.

Why not? After all,
There isn't much here
Other than daft draft letters.

Coherence of a whole different
Order as well as magnitude
Buildings before blueprints.

Hence it doesn't suffice
To say things less than thrice.
Vowel-chimes both vice and device.

Being clever won't get us very far
When we're regularly at odds
With the callous majority.

Clawing one's way uphill
During a merciless mudslide;
Life story of any poor minority.

While those who call themselves
"normal" or "sane" but whom
Are actually self-righteous

Act with hideous hypocrisy!
This cynical plaintiff stands
Little chance of dispelling such guff.

Thrown off golden cuff just because
You won't back bold individuals:
"He's only a lone dissenter!"

Yet ever in your wanderlust
You'll wonder what was lost
Asking fellow tourists for directions ...



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