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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Vulcan Vectors

Vulcan Vectors

There are those among us
Who argue logically while
Suppressing strong feelings.

Yet our choices in wording
Reflect underlying emotions;
Biases and prejudices seep out ...

Spilling between coded lines.
And everyone except the speaker
Catches on to that dishonest drift.

A speech is much more than the mere sum
Of its constituent clauses. True though
They may sound when professing one's point.

Anyone who takes all that's said at face value
Clearly lacks analytical skills and faculties
For critical thinking (what's unsaid matters too).

These are some reasons why Kolinahr makes sense;
Being rather similar to terrestrial Buddhist meditation —
Mindfulness is the key to temper one's temperament.

Otherwise the logical Vulcan mindset breaks down
Degenerating into "Romulan Ruling Passion".
The results of each approach are predictable:

Indulging in notions of an ego-driven honor system
Often leads to conflict with competing egoists
And cyclical violence has a tendency to set in.

Whereas logicians learn to adopt
Even measures of empathy
Vis-a-vis "Mind-Melds"!

Image: Evil Spock reads Bones McCoy's mind in the classic Star Trek episode 'Mirror Mirror'.


noun [guh-mey-tree-uh]: 
  • a cabbalistic system of interpretation of the Scriptures by substituting for a particular word another word whose letters give the same numerical sum.


Hard as one may try
The letters and numbers
Cannot always match up.

Even friends mark mistakes
Expecting perfection itself —
Yet lacunae are left to fill.

They'll forget your prose
But recall rhyming cons;
Experimental camera obscured!

There's a broad disconnect
Between what's meant
And what's mentioned.

Much as one may like
Misinterpreted intention
Precludes them catching up ...


 i. Numerology and prosody may mix, but isn't it nice to wing it once in a while?

ii. Everybody's a critic. Since we can't please most readers to begin with, why worry?

iii. In general, people fixate on a single facet of any artist's career. Many have neither the time nor mental capacity to slog through some no-name's portfolio!

iv. Self-explanatory (don't play dumb now).

v. There will forever be delays in communication between messenger and recipient. This distance distinguishes an erudite forward scout from a tongue-tied rearguard ...

Image: Master Mandala of Solomon, The King.


 "For personal reasons, the Anti-Poet is a sniper.  He fights for the same cause but with a totally different technique.  He doesn’t disclaim the poet-soldier, he works with him from a distance, although his method may seem ambiguous."


When the penny finally drops
It'll be too late to offer props.

Anti-Poetry: a style Dead On Arrival
[ Though it went down undefeated
Since there was no worthy rival ].

If it only revolves around you
Then for us the cause ain't just.
And who might we be?
Turncoats everyone can trust!

Breaking spells cast by narcissists
Hardly scores but always assists
Brood of both literati and anarchists
A tad delirious from daylight's sun kiss
Never acknowledged, yet shall surely be missed

If this resembles its counterpart
You're seeing a reflection re-versed.
Notice the subtlety in such art;
Read-through script so unrehearsed.

Anti-Poets: stillborn, Missing In Action
[ No more questions 'til the end
Else these trochees may lose traction ].

While etching an epitaph on our headstone consider:
Would you rather combust from within, or simply wither?

Avian Auguries

The Eagle never lost so much time as when he submitted to learn of the Crow.”

~ William Blake; Proverbs of Hell

Avian Auguries

Ever since the grand Conference of The Birds
Those warbles of wisdom have gone unheeded.

Nowadays rare Aves fly in via the feeder's
fenêtre, and peck at what seed they can get.

Picking that which suits according to need;
Nary an awe-inspiring deed. But brook no regret —

While Osprey and Kingfisher compete
We carry on with Metaphysical conceit:

A solitary Nightingale sobs softly to be freed.
Ibis bills are crooked, unlike the Great Egret.

Aquila and Cygnus scattered across cosmos as screed
Give this sextet many an aigrette for anybody's tête!

Image: The "summer triangle" (et al) drawn between three lucidae: Altair, Deneb, and Vega.



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