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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Meta-Poetics vol. 4: Remission Restatement

Meta-Poetics vol. 4: Remission Restatement

The professed goals of this present iteration of Anti-Poetry are hereby chartered as follows:

1. To exercise the English language to its full extent; exhausting every conceivable coinage within its written corpus while simultaneously crossing borders into neighboring lexicons like Franglais & Latin

2. To bring archaic and defunct terminology back into circulation, chiefly as celebratory "camp". Also to plumb every possible meaning for any taken term.

3. The recapitulation of rhyming schemes will be utilized for the purpose of introducing variations on classical meters and themes.

4. Challenging the normalcy of self-centered auteurs is imperative. There's an unspoken distinction between those who work only for personal benefit and anyone who actually advances our overall art.

5. Have no fear about fielding neologisms. Wright out original witticisms to further ludic logic.

6. Instill in writers and instruct readers on novel ways of verbal expression, especially regarding metaphysical impression.

7. Demystify poetics while demonstrating the sway that language often has us under due to unconscious tendencies.

8. Turn every old adage and proverb upon its head. Leave no stanza unturned!

9. Inject Etymology, Linguistics, Philology, and Semiotics to revitalize versification. Incorporate technology, for instance:
Right Justification.

10. Raise the bar for future generations by letting loose unmatched fléchettes!

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Pierian Papers

Pierian Papers

Got reams of them!

[ The peons could not produce enough quires of papyri for such a prolific Pharaoh. ]

Just lying, strewn all over the temple turf;
Haphazard ramblings
And bizarre babblings,
Which connote more than the sum
Of those notes.

Though it's a misconception
That everything an Artiste
Commits to canvas, parchment,
Or record is worth its weight
In the mirth of Midas.

Genius is naught but misnomer
Derived from Djinn
Who might grant our wishes
Yet with certain strings attached.
Don't be overeager like Faust.

[ The Lord of Hosts loosed famine, plague, and war upon the people  (only to end up surrounded by ghosts). ]

Written Subjects-cum-Objects!

Tehuti / Theuth / ThothGod of Scribes



No it's not a typo
Yes to that extra s!

Must now confess:

Sometimess, sob uncontrollably like an insolent infant.

" ", cheat at romance and gamble good opportunities away.

" ", fret in regret — forgetting getting older.

" ", feel vulnerable or weak; oppressed by what's professed in houses of public acknowledgement.

" ", resent the advent of cement, asphalt, and autos. Pedestrian playing fields aren't level.

" ", realize having had 'it' all along, then smack forehead!

" ", sing actions out loud as if every mundane move was a lyric.

" ", laugh to self about zany harebrained schemes just then conceived.

" ", nickname everyone in sight to the point of becoming obnoxious.  

" ", wish friends from over the years were a lot closer by during hardships.

" ", mind being reminded that this terrestrial husk must eventually be shed.

" ", look forward to crossing over after spending an entire lifetime in relegation.

" ", catch glimpses of that gracious blue yonder beyond any Terran wonder ...

Held as more than human —

Rare specimen (a Lumen).
Descendants' blood? Double Type O!

Grazie Giordano Bruno!

Grazie Giordano Bruno!

A billion thanks unto you
Saint of cosmic pluralists.
Here's to us heretics
Perceiving more than meets
The shameful naked eye.

We are those whom disbelieve
In the uniqueness of HERE
And say: "Away with thee
Telluric solipsism!"

Malaprop Mythos was
Used to wipe slates clean as
Any impressionable canvas.

Anthropocentric obsession
Became a dreary drag ...

Preconditioned Responses = Precalculated Reactions

Such blasé indignities
Will no longer be tolerated —

Arise from ancient ash
Invoked for our cause
This globe is awash.

We should get going
Somewhere else awaits
Let's sing: "Toward dawn
May this treader be drawn!"

Climb up Contemplation Rock
Peer through the thin veneer
Find our actual selves floating free
Among a multiverse of possibilities
Liberated from any worldly want!



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