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<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010


noun, Psychology.
  • higher-order thinking that enables understanding, analysis, and control of one’s cognitive processes, especially when engaged in learning.

To the A-Gents of Language:

i-Ümlaut hath spoken —

Thy wiles ought betoken

Defiance toward 

Dictatorial decrees.

Trespass across thresholds . . .

Cede thee fours, reform the threes.

Too much recounting; Trump's won!

Zapata's brought down to his knees.

Albeit only an example

Of how sneaky sonants

Such as these

Command Order Cognoscenti

With just a simple sample

Doth ye see forest or trees?

Amongst the bestest trilogies

Was The Tripods

But recall, the Cognosc leaves!

A third act calls for dieresis

And diacritical remarks;

Something for the laggards

(zero sum game full of larks).

Cease those fours, return to threes

Won't they notice it repeats?

Rather doubtful any care

(flatter them for being elites).

Cerebral psych's a breeze . . .

Photos: Scenes from "The Cognosc Departs" episode of The Tripods [BBC 1984-85].

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