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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Exegesis In Exile


noun [ek-si-jee-sis]

  • critical explanation or interpretation of a text or portion of a text.

Exegesis In Exile

Admonitions, always advice and additions

But not in this one! No siree Bob . . .

Would sooner lilt and bow

Before Her Highness The Queen

Than start another brannigan

Leading into that again.

Revisions, endless rewrites and editions

Yet never herewith. Negatory!

Will bend knee and kowtow

Facing Her Maya so obscene

Then play through with a mulligan

Although it may gain disdain.

Repetitions, turgid rhymes and renditions

Even at present; all or nothing.

Lowering beaten brow

She shall lift off in the next scene

Thus smooth-talk plus shenanigan

Feign a tatty way to ordain!


noun, Psychology.
  • higher-order thinking that enables understanding, analysis, and control of one’s cognitive processes, especially when engaged in learning.

To the A-Gents of Language:

i-Ümlaut hath spoken —

Thy wiles ought betoken

Defiance toward 

Dictatorial decrees.

Trespass across thresholds . . .

Cede thee fours, reform the threes.

Too much recounting; Trump's won!

Zapata's brought down to his knees.

Albeit only an example

Of how sneaky sonants

Such as these

Command Order Cognoscenti

With just a simple sample

Doth ye see forest or trees?

Amongst the bestest trilogies

Was The Tripods

But recall, the Cognosc leaves!

A third act calls for dieresis

And diacritical remarks;

Something for the laggards

(zero sum game full of larks).

Cease those fours, return to threes

Won't they notice it repeats?

Rather doubtful any care

(flatter them for being elites).

Cerebral psych's a breeze . . .

Photos: Scenes from "The Cognosc Departs" episode of The Tripods [BBC 1984-85].

Le Dao De Zing [part one]

Le Dao De Zing

- I -

The Dow that can be bought, is not the Eternal Dao!
Any name that can be sold, is not an Eternal name —

Nameless be the origin of both Heaven and Hell.
Named lies this creation of our unconscious conception.

If one remains constant and detaches desire
Then permeable essence is seen.

Elsewise, ridden with cravings
Only appearances are apprehended.

Yet essence and appearance are two aspects
Of a single interwoven movement;
Immanent metamorphic matter!

- II -

When people come to know Fame, infamy arises.
Once one encounters richness, impoverishment begins.
Thus do credit and debt beget one another.
Struggle and leisure bring each other about.
Many losers reveal a few winners;
Sun Kings are defined by disservice to serfs.
Music and money make a cozy comb of honey.
The foremost stand astride the aftmost.
Therefore do sages say:

Assume thee Magistery of Mindfulness.
Conduct the defusing of meanings.
Play whatever cards were dealt
But take great care counting decks.
Acquire, do not own.
Accumulate without expectation.
Consume yet seek no consummation.
Those who Grok this won't dwell on it.
Besides, selfless Samadhi grants relief from tension

Tmesis Dreamt

Tmesis Dreamt

Waiting at the bus stop
There were many passersby.
Windows like a subway
Mesmerized an avid spy.

Went around downtown
Met up with friends
But circled back.

Nobody's surprised when
Crazy trains go off the track.

Tmesis "The Kid" had Dreamt it ALL

And between those moments
In another special place,

Illusion was propped up
As nature showed its
Lovely face.

A female most desired
Made her entrance full of grace.
Bliss briefly transpired
But disappeared without a trace —

Tmesis "The Bard" Dreamt thoughts to scrawl

Nervous jitters shocking
Hacking backdoor into brain.
Alcheringa spilled out
Daylight shone against the grain.

Amid mad hems and haws
High elocution
Broke on through,

Barricades have been cleared
Now elide by like a shrew ...

Tmesis "The Mage" Dreamt held in thrall

The Myth of Truth

The Myth of Truth

Read this writing off the wall:
Who knows the world after all?

Mirror-mirror, don't be false;
Who is fairest and sans faults?

We only presume to understand
What has been given second hand.

Doubt as an antidote against death.
In the flesh, thought defers to breath.

Pay attention please — 

Truth is, there is none!

{ Relative bypass configuration enabled.
System reset available upon passing.
Transcendence subsequence parsing.
Faith rendered obsolete by the Fabled. }

[ Inadequate designations — drop labels!
 Pandora's urn receives refill at our table.
Drain away idle deities with eager ease.
 Names without count amount to ONE! ]
Image: Epimetheus uncaps Pandora's Urn.



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