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Of Hearsay & Heresy

Of Hearsay & Heresy
- I -

Yeah, they'll say that he believed in this or that. Ah yes, his main influences were so and so dropping names disrespectfully. No actual comprehension between their ears; in toto bookish learning. Scholars readily reject the sages and seers as shamanic tricksters, since those in academia rarely practice anything preached. Trained only to compartmentalize disassembled parts, Telos gets lost in translation. Deep distrust begets deeper misunderstandings; far below any original thought. But beyond such roman walls, we wild ones roam . . .

~ ≈ ~

Well you see, the thing is that not all the 'smarties' fit into corridors crammed with conditions. Nor is everyone driven by monetary ambitions. Some hear a clarion call or view amazing visions. They may fail at standard tests, yet surpass their Earthly missions. Nobody remembers our remarkable elisions. Paltry critics give no credit on omissions!


i·con·o·clasm — noun (contemporary meaning):

the action of attacking or assertively rejecting cherished beliefs and institutions or established values and practices.


The Mold of Man is flawed

Tear it down, break it up

Ground to fine powder
Mixed in for new mortar
Remix it; reorder
Babble heard beyond border 

Spoiled child spares not rod
But refines style like a mod
Let's redefine what ain't broad
And bravely tread where we've not trod

Persevere, drain Grail cup

Raise our palaver LOUDER



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