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The Fish Fry

The Fish Fry

There once was a fisherman who lived by the shores on the Sea of Idealism. He had a pretty young fishwife with whom he shared a humble abode. Each day he would dive down beneath the waves, harpoon in hand. He would bring back exotic catches and plenty pearls for her necklaces. She in turn, scraped scaly sparklers off fantastical fishes; removing gemstone guts with a saw blade aflame. They would then lay those flawless fillets onto a skillet over a shared inner fire. Their supper was such that even an Emperor would envy them.

One day, they decided to cast a trawling net from the back of their junkie boat. The translucent mesh spread out widely and sank deeply. At first it sat on the seafloor but shortly after they began to drag it along with the tugger. However, when the husband was pulling the net in, a merman appeared to his wife on the starboard side. He told her that this haul was a mere trifle compared to his own sub-sea riches. He spoke of a coral city decorated with mother-of-pearl. Lulled by his seductive spell, the foolish fishwife decided to defect. 

As he and she swam away in each other's arms, the merman sang a submarine song, which caused the sunny sky to darken with ominous cloud cover. Thunder, lightning, and rainfall conspired to create a perfect storm. It was not long before a massive tsunami came barreling toward the tugboat and swept the forlorn fisherman far off! The boat became driftwood on a remote island beachhead. Nonetheless, the fisherman had held fast onto the net as well as its exotic effects.

Henceforth commenced his solitary confinement. Although sweetest love had slipped away, he did at least become a better baiter and also built a second ship to mast her. Oh yes, he caught everything from the slickest swordfish to Nereids, whom brought news of scarcity fathoms beneath our fishnet caster.

So lonesome he prepared the fish fry at his own leisure; supping on wonders of the deeps yet also fasting now and then for good measure. Under a waxen moon, bioluminescent specimens surfaced to adorn his thousand seashell crown with undersea treasure!

The moral is: Cherish what you yourself conceive. Unlike the fishwife who sought the depths, only to be deceived!

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