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Pantheism 101

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Pantheism 101

It's not that we believe in everything
Nor consider nature to be God.
Rather, we see the value of each belief system
In relation to its respective believer.
As for the universe; what more sacred Reality?
Isn't matter itself animated as if by Spiritus?
Our credence or lack thereof hardly matters.
Philosophers are stuck in semantics.
Poets are ever up to perverse antics.
Scientists inch closer to confirming
That which ancient seers were affirming.
Overthink at your own risk.
This lesson is over, and yes, its pace was brisk!

Image: Pan by John Coulthart.

Playing At Angles

Playing At Angles

The power of the pyramids is epitomized by a triangle.

So come on now daddy-o, don't be such a quadrangle!

This Gordian knot we've tied, no Earthly prince can disentangle.

All the rabbits in this warren are after that carrot ``they`` dangle.

Docile bunnies can`t wrest anything from anyone nor even wrangle.

Those wolves who wear sheepskin are mean enough to always mangle.

Find it in your heart to not reach around their necks then strangle.

Listen instead to soothing dark jazz with a little jingle-jangle.

Ignore these other idiots, distracted by a banner`s spangle.

Though life may hand us limes, one can in any case wangle!

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