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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010



Truth tellers recount happenings as accurately as memory serves

Whistleblowers point fingers to prosecute whom justice perturbs

Soothsayers may answer prayers when naysayers are unnerved

Axons conduct neural impulses to dendrites across synaptic nerves

Sensuality conveys more than possible for a writer's condensed blurb

Gather however much you can from what remains here unreserved

This meddling meter wears out its welcome—kicked onto the curb

Yet it's writ in decimal because such structures gleam superb

The town crier relays clear messages through voluble verve

In the end unjust ones gossip; spitting venom undeserved.

Image: Thrice-Great Hermes, Master of Mysteries.

Twitch Was Born In The Arcade

Twitch Was Born In The Arcade

Back in the day as they say
You had to stand at a colorful cabinet
Feeding quarters into the machine to play
And if you happened to be any good at it
Lots of people would gather around to watch.

Spectators crowded together during a versus match
Oohing and aahing when contenders clashed
Wowed by audiovisual effect of hits landing
Joysticks spun, buttons were mashed
High scores gave one social standing.

Nowadays those old ways have mutated;
Games are broadcast from the comfort of home
Long-distance buffer zones keep players isolated
Hecklers become blacklisted, n00bs get p0wn3d!
Onlookers flood internet streams by the millions worldwide.

Video gaming is a new spectator sport played inside.
MMORPG addicts and FPS elites are virtual athletes
Impartial systems re-spawn those who've died
Platinum trophies prove what one completes
But among masters who compete, only skill decides!

Image: Twitch, see: twitch.tv



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