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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010



There's an ubiquitous windbag
That flaps his flaccid gums constantly
Yet says nothing of any consequence.

He'll slurp clean whatever smear
Stains the moist underbelly
Of outlying nether regions.

Such a butt-munch 
Pulls each punch
Preferring to gurgle lumpy lyonnaise.

Even when sorrowful
He has heehawed

While colossal seesaws
Lumbered noisily
Against a fancy backdrop.

Often faux furry
He's gesticulated sentences
Amidst brackish backwaters.

Fetid phrases have been found
Teeming with crawling truisms
In the oily runoff of his utterances.

Vociferous as he is viscous
The man is deaf to his verbosity;
Which lacks both valor and value!

The Grand Lull

The Grand Lull

At home with exile
Days blur and drag
Laughter evaporates
One's chin does sag


Sadness is a luxury
For us who can't afford it.
Life shows little mercy
Survive, thrive; find a fit.

Show courage when facing despair.
Good humor scalds cunts unfair.
Renovate the house of disrepair.
Flit through their awful fray without a care!

Bravo to you wanderers, far-flung from birth;
Circumambulating around Earth's whole girth.
Devastating denominators common and low.
Knocking out conventions with a single blow.

This chasm of duration in which we find ourselves thrown
Shalt belittle each belief and theorem men have ever known.
Spaciousness spectacular, surpasses human comprehension.
Egoism and Lingua conspire (to place limits on invention).

The written, spoken, and what is thought
Are as if infants were begot
Inside a dormant substratum or plot.
Where hides the admirer of all that is wrought?

Awaken! Sayeth the ascetics.
Forsaken not these heretics.
Spanning this inferior plane
Spirit unseen enhances plain ...


*** Laughter reverberates within Ether at long last ***

Image: #LulZSeC



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