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Found Poetry: Notes To Self At Work

Notes To Self At Work

The trick is to appear to be occupied
no matter how little there is actually to do.
Mind-numbing tasks lend themselves well to auto-pilot
but there are those times when one has to idle
while simultaneously seeming busy ...

Slacking really is harder as some say;
it's what many companies deserve for how little they pay.
The Peter Principle runs rampant, one or another way.

So let's play at work
Let's work at play
Such arts are lost
This age and day

Don't dither-dabble
Nor trail the rabble
Cut cork and cost
Scribble with scrabble

Rude ranting riddle
Brooks down our middle
Pick up a fiddle
It's time to diddle!

Seriously though, true human esprit requires much more than these material means.
Adversity plus dire risk
have often driven us toward fulfillment, success, and victory.

Blood simmers due to circumstance though it was first ignited through passion.
Soul seethes from body biting its own tongue.
A fiery bird would sooner rise ashen.
Only the most lost follow after another's fashion.

Ending Senryu:

An anthill swarming
With manic activity;
Looking glass glistens.

Box factory blues
Methodical madness rules;
Bosses be wanton.

Corporate hive buzz
Until close of business day.
Money makes people!

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