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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Hipsters Shall Hail This:

Hipsters Shall Hail This:

Come ye! DC or Marvel G33x

Linux nerds and torrent freaks

Steampunks, Cyberpunks, cool hunters all

Indie band junkies (another brick in the wall)

Trend setters are bed wetters 

Compared to this scofflaw

The fatal flaw is to follow

Without acknowledging source code

BETA tests find the unimpressed are quite callow

Trolls ROFL while delivering their corroded payload

#AnonS are embattled by total media control

BTW; nobody rocks as hard as Dave Grohl

In other news, there are those born just yesterday

Who take everything for granted

They must be reprimanded

For seeing only Fifty Shades of Grey

They can't recite classics like Dorian Gray

It won't be long now before they're disenchanted

So glory hogs hop on board an antipoetic bandwagon

Plant your stake first and lay claim to acclaim

Soon our zeitgeist will change look and name

Retrieve sunken keywords such as a lagan

Awaken latent intellect. Spit fire sleeping dragon!

No virtual world nor video game shall remain the same

The Art of The Anti-Poem

The Art of The Anti-Poem

No entry!
Ante up
Antique cup.

Augurs won't serve
Against word's swerve.
Dig into your nerve or
Die indignant sans ferveur.

Jigsaw jostled out of place
Jaw drops from your face
Tripping over acid lace
Time to move on final phase ...

Corkscrew twist another phrase here
Comes crime and meet her cousin grace;
Committed to atone for tones you don't hear:
Catalytic contemplation, ought become a catchy craze!



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