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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010



Poetry has nowhere left to go
And nothing else to do other than
Transcend itself, which first off
Requires comprehension of oneself.

Lazy be the cells of any bard
Who sells out to the know-it-
alls dwelling in their ivory towers;
Academic shackles bind the mind!

Those ledger heads would have us
Take a street fight indoors
Where orderlies could constrain
The activities of each brain.

Bukowski believed in the RAW.
Nothing wrong with how he saw
Although much needs to be said
About a well done prime rib 'proem'.

An empty stomach grumbles
From forced fast on Fury Road.
Our ornery engine roars and rumbles
Dead do walk, as crow has crowed.

Outgrowth spawning sprawling tendrils~
Innate protoplasmic insight reassembles
Some semblance of emblematic ascendance—
Causing such a consternation, that even holy heaven trembles!

Image: David Cronenberg's Videodrome (1983), starring James Woods.



Long time no write
This site out of sight
The Nous grew silent
Which in retro sounds right?

The struggle continues
Nagual knows that it's REAL
But something ETHEREAL
Yet tangible waits on us to feel...

Beyond creative explosions
Destructive emotions
Treks through trials then commotions
Life meets death with {{convulsions}}

Still the fight is worthwhile &
Stakes are far too high to ignore.
Organic existence is just one aisle
That our Consciousness must explore.

Posterity will bear out this work's value;
Polished gems always outclass any hullabaloo.
Pretentious labels get attached to such a lofty purview cause
Perfection is offensive to mere mortals who envy you, cuz!



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