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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

On The Warpath

On The Warpath

We will consecrate this act of war
With the flesh of gods and
Ambrosia; Nectar of Immortality!

Another eclipse approaches —
A brutal battle encroaches...

The enemy hears our tenebrific chant:
Mortis Invictus
Terror Forever!

Vicious, vile, Ars vindictive
Yes such power is addictive
It lays waste to the edifice
Of orderly artifice 
(In every way unpredicted)

Chaotic convulsions carry on
Death doth rattle
Open maw; give us MORE!

Grimace foul ghoul
Facing abject defeat

May you learn before parting
With whom not to compete.
Pigs pale | next to princely elite

But beware the court Fool
Because sometimes suddenly
A hidden king is revealed
Then any shield shall yield
To that psychic sword he will wield

All foes fear his fierce horrific rant:
Mortis Invictus
Tyrant Forever!

Minor Arcana | King of Swords

Purgatorial Blues

Purgatorial Blues

Out of fire
Low on pith

The moment has fled
Judgement was swift

And this damned demon groans
From rock bottom of the pit

There are some sins
That can't be expiated

Then one dwells
For too long in private hells

Stumbling barefoot
Brains all but aberrated

Unemployed with youth destroyed
Yet holding onto hope unalloyed

Breathing bravely until bitter bile
Betrays its own blessed blood

Because no strain of stifling evil
Can stamp out pure Will if it's good!



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