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The Tempest Persisteth

Author's Note: This piece is a follow-up to an earlier one entitled, 

The Tempest Persisteth

It shows no signs of slowing down
This maelstrom has swallowed leviathans whole
Everyone's days are affected somehow
It's futile to burrow underground like a mole!

Typhon blares his foghorn from on high
Corporeal creatures fear their own eventual demise
Yet those who don't take any chances are wasting their lives
Get caught up in the squall at least once before you die!

Tempus Fugit, we expire before knowing it
Blasts from the blizzard only rattle us a bit
Don't take shit lying low nor do idly sit
Life may be a struggle, but that's no excuse to quit!

Hover over heady heights of that hurricane's funnel
Rock the boat gripping both left and right gunnel
Force your way towards flashy rays beyond this tunnel
Come hither monsoongrow a river from this trickling runnel!


Shipwrecked islander try
Not becoming lamentably blind
Pry third eye
Wide open to luster
Lying beneath shallow waves
How they tint our perception with such subtle shades...

Bask in sun until dry
Pineal rods and cones decalcified
Awry state rectified
Blow back against bluster
Showing resistance to being effaced
Heaven Ho; windstorm's course has been wholly retraced...

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