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The Inexorable Laws of Jinx (Introduction)

Introduction to General Jinx-ology

Here by leave of the most supernal ones ever to exist are laid forth for unfortunate mortals' benefit these Inexorable Laws of Jinx...

Who Now?

Jinx is a Chancer unlike any before or since non-time stopped. Hailing from the highest order of Archetypal Beings whose purpose in the Multiverse transcends even that of angels, demons, and gods.

You see, some basic parameters pertaining to holographic reality are sung in tones too loud for human ears to hear, and shewn in light beyond bright for biological blinkers to behold. Thus Jinx is in charge of Fate and its ironic implications

[since of course the fortune of any single individual within the greater whole differs greatly from every other entity].

Indeed — this heavy responsibility forces clever Jinx to improvise in order to remain entertained.

Hence do all tricksters without exception draw their lineage (whether directly or indirectly) to Major High JinxYet there are none other so seminal as that utterly irreverent double-dealer!

Say What?

The superstitious whisper their beliefs about Major High Jinx without actually understanding their dynamic mechanics. Therefore such assumptions amount to naught but foolish gimmicks. Let us set the record straight then:

Jinx is neither good luck nor bad luck. It's rather neutral luck but will serve any incarnate being if they can figure out how to surf upon quantic improbability.

Jinx isn't altogether male or female but either one as suits their momentary purpose. Genderless Jinx runs throughout spacetime weaving both particles and waves when observed by someone sentient. By the same token, Jinx is/are interchangeably plural and singular.

Jinx are neither here nor there — atemporal quasi-space is their conduit. Being nowhere in particular affords Jinx omnipresence among temporal affairs.

Their masks are myriad in appearance; multifarious in finite form. Many host Jinx without knowing it; an apparent curse a blessing in disguise!

Come Again?

Jinx can also be referred as The Devil's Luck and might even be tapped into by a Thaumaturge regardless of sex. In other words, those skilled with sympathetic Magick (of whatever shade). But beware, court jesters and mages are closely connected. The Fool is player as well as played. However, the Grand Game is never named!

Synchronicity, the uncanny, and sheer irony are all side-effects of Jinx in action. Their endless variety constitutes the selfsame spice of life (Varietas Delectat). Jinx stacks random odds in favor of, or against whomsoever lives according to their own Consciousness + Karma combined (more about this equation later on). First though, oblations are in order. Pay thy respects before proceeding:

Hail High Jinx in all their permutations upon these ephemeral material spheres!

Hallowed be High Jinx among we mere mortals who wish for fortuitous changes!

May High Jinx forestall the untimely collapse of our unique universe!


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