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<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

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Ass Appeal

Ass Appeal


Lust and libido lock down logic
Perversions preeminently pedagogic

"Dat ass" runs crowd control
Doubly dynamic and droll

Booty bounce vexes both sexes
Making some more ambidextrous

Naughty Illuminati hottie
Exploits blind minds with tight body

Rear end rhapsody
Defying gravity through depravity

At either end of the spectrum
Society has its head up a rectum


Scarlet woman; whore of Babylon?
(Too much ado about butts)
Religious prudes ramble on
The rest say: "Hooray For Sluts!"

Image: Major Arcana "Lust" (a.k.a. Strength) from The Thoth Tarot.

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