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<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Ass Appeal

Ass Appeal


Lust and libido lock down logic
Perversions preeminently pedagogic

"Dat ass" runs crowd control
Doubly dynamic and droll

Booty bounce vexes both sexes
Making some more ambidextrous

Naughty Illuminati hottie
Exploits blind minds with tight body

Rear end rhapsody
Defying gravity through depravity

At either end of the spectrum
Society has its head up a rectum


Scarlet woman; whore of Babylon?
(Too much ado about butts)
Religious prudes ramble on
The rest say: "Hooray For Sluts!"

Image: Major Arcana "Lust" (a.k.a. Strength) from The Thoth Tarot.

The Whirlwind Cometh

The Whirlwind Cometh

Your bones are first to tell you
When a hurly-burly approaches
Then mind becomes restless
Making long nights sleepless

For as the wind intensifies
From silent draft to violent gust
You'll soon know what you must
Swept off your feet; to Oz or bust

After that, everything's transformed:
Awestruck witness within eye of storm
Amid drastic departure from old norm
But don't despairone's heart defies

Although no amount of preparation
Can preempt such devastation
Brought about by fateful precipitation
Thou shalt act as winged ones do ...


Eagle fly by
Leaving crop circles behind
Yes fly by
Sprinkling moon dust
On this ignorant race
So that they won't go to waste.

Cyclone hasten nigh
Loosen whatever bonds bind
Yea draw nigh
There's no superior rush
For surface dwellers debased
Fill us within, lest we be erased!

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