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Frog Prince Syndrome

"The women in this town
 Won't give me so much as a peck.
 Those where I come from
 They even stretch out their neck!"
~ Roque Dalton

Frog Prince Syndrome

- I -
Far from Principality he wanders
Witnessing wreckage and wonders
Playing a peasant that ponders
Impoverished as one who squanders
Rejected by raucous responders

- II -
Woe unto this Prince
His disguise too effective
Mismatched with Prima Donnas
(they are rather selective)
Whoever would kiss and
Transform toad thus defective?

- III -
There is none yet worthy
To claim him highly prized
But when they find each other
Both of them shall be surprised!

- IV -
Many a fine fly remains 

To be snared by kingly tongue
Thus this prince swims alone
Through thick swamps on his own ...

- V -
Yes that's his lot
With hackneyed cliches and a hollow plot
Rambling until every rattling bone starts to rot
No backup on the way; his words all he's got
Holding on tight if only to take a long shot
You get the gist
¿(or perhaps maybe not)?

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