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Flights of Fancy by Guest Bard Roger Still

Editor's Note: Today's selection of Doggerel comes to us courtesy of Roger Still, who humbly describes himself as a new writer. Though his poems may leave you wanting more, he effortlessly lifted the AntiPoetic Gauntlet of Poésie Sans Poète (No I, ME, MY, or MINE - see Submissions page). Find out more about him HERE.

The Unicorn Hammer

"What is that?" the child asked

Eyeing the shiny object with speculation.

"That, is a Unicorn Hammer," the old man replied.

"What’s it for?" the child asked.

"Why, for bashing in the skulls of beautiful

Mythical creatures," the old man answered.

The child cried and cried while the old man

Simply chuckled to himself.

Captive to The Fool

Notice how the king is entranced

By the noises of the jester

Though they are crude, he is in love

With the netherworld of life

Watching as his jester takes him

To the dingiest depths of depravity

Then scales onto heights of impropriety

When the time for bequeathing comes

The jester will walk away with jewels.


Facing a cave wall, some egg heads

Considered the etchings and characters

Left behind by ancient architects

They must have had something in common

Head, heart, lust, recipes?

But their faces are long buried

Beneath tides of earth and moss

Someday, they will be in a museum

Someday perhaps, they shall be truly rediscovered...

Frog Prince Syndrome

"The women in this town
 Won't give me so much as a peck.
 Those where I come from
 They even stretch out their neck!"
~ Roque Dalton

Frog Prince Syndrome

- I -
Far from Principality he wanders
Witnessing wreckage and wonders
Playing a peasant that ponders
Impoverished as one who squanders
Rejected by raucous responders

- II -
Woe unto this Prince
His disguise too effective
Mismatched with Prima Donnas
(they are rather selective)
Whoever would kiss and
Transform toad thus defective?

- III -
There is none yet worthy
To claim him highly prized
But when they find each other
Both of them shall be surprised!

- IV -
Many a fine fly remains 

To be snared by kingly tongue
Thus this prince swims alone
Through thick swamps on his own ...

- V -
Yes that's his lot
With hackneyed cliches and a hollow plot
Rambling until every rattling bone starts to rot
No backup on the way; his words all he's got
Holding on tight if only to take a long shot
You get the gist
¿(or perhaps maybe not)?



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