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The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Hermeneutics 2.0

Hermeneutics (n):
1.     the science of interpretation, esp of Scripture
2.     the branch of theology that deals with the principles and methodology of exegesis
3.     philosophy
     a. the study and interpretation of human behaviour and social institutions
     b. (in existentialist thought) discussion of the purpose of life

Hermeneutics 2.0

- I -

Confusion multiplies exponentially with each consecutive word in any sentence
This is mainly because connotations accompany these like fleas on a Pyrenees
To say little of any agenda at work within either context or subtext
Hence, for Epistemological purposes, we must cleanse the air
Of those lingering phantasms from yesteryear
Such as outmoded religiosity or this arbitrary pomposity...

- II -

Having cut through that haze
We can commence to rephrase
What ever baffles and betrays
Due to common folks' ways
During contemporary days

- III -

It's all mirrors and smoke
Like a bad tasting joke
The Grammar Nazi misspoke
Now roll this page up and toke
'cause we're going for broke

- IV -

Are you confused yet?
Perhaps you have begun piecing
Together what was far flung
Back there by verbal tether? 
Did you decide on whether or not
Homonyms make for fair weather?

- V -

Letters are the DNA of language
Especially any committed to record
Ideas may be portrayed by an actor
But despite many a way to say the same thing
Some dictates become encased inside amber
Solidified so long as pneuma appeals to timeless noumena!

Proverbial Pinball by Guest Thinker M.P.L.

Editor's Note: Is there no middle ground to be found between the camps of Free-Will and Fate? Isn't life (like playing pinball) more a mix of both? This week's contributor divulges a compelling stream of thought on said subject ...  

M.P.L. Is a world traveller, professional driver, and an accomplished bassist with a flair for the dramatic. He plans on winning the lottery, purchasing an island, then building a biosphere on it and flying into space to found and rule his own colony!

Proverbial Pinball

Only through the trials and tribulations of this thing called life are we able to consider fate and chance as plausible conditions of the human spirit and persona, because the attributes we personify are in direct cognitive relativity to the Being which we've become due to the experiences we've endured thus far.
We have a choice to reflect upon the days passing. Whatever information we choose to process and how we deal with particular circumstances is completely within our own free will and up to one's ability to cope. 
Options for adapting alongside the developments of any given situation always become available in due process.
Engaging thought patterns and contemplating the directives of a message before reacting to an interaction may rather entice us to reply with a rhetorical question in order to clarify any misconstrued ideas and thus allow for improved communication.
Only through constant reevaluation are we able to inhibit or exhibit changes in ourselves.
Of course the plethora of knowledge acquired from vast past experience can help out just as well - providing that such memories don't result in victimizing us. Correct?
Image: Screenshot from Dragon's Fury pinball game.



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