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Homage To Mercury Retrograde

Author's Note: Whenever a planet appears to be travelling in the opposite direction of its usual path through the Zodiac, Astrologers call it a Retrograde Transit. Of course, this is merely an optical illusion created by our Earthly perspective. Nonetheless, such transits hold a rather special Astrological significance. The most notorious of these is known as Mercury Retrograde (since it occurs 3 to 4 times every year).

Homage To Mercury Retrograde

Pay close attention now dear siblings
To that Trickster in purest form
But do not shoot the messenger
Because he brings news of a storm ...

Missed calls, mixed messages, misfired e-mails and texts
Blasts from the past, familiar faces, falling in bed with an ex

Expect delays, accidents and costly mistakes
Don't be in too much of a hurry
Or you'll see what waste haste makes

Misunderstandings, communication breakdown, arguments abound
Device malfunctions, forgetfulness and loss all around!

Grounded flights, transport strikes and commerce grinding to a halt
Such incidents are far more common
When young Hermes is at fault

Sign no contracts, hold off projects, don't bother buying phones
Or they will surely bear out marks of retrogressive overtones

Still there's a silver lining
Underneath this awkward show
One's subconscious mind is shining
In pregnant silence, lessons glow!

For further information on the current transit, you may want to read this: ARTICLE.

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