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The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

The Show About Nothing

The Show About Nothing

Coasting along during the age of passivity

Most would rather watch than participate in activity

How odd that truth is often stranger than fiction

Yet so many suffer from a rather common affliction:

Our very own lives seem to us dreadfully boring

For we tend to miss a subtle thread underscoring

Everyday events bearing magnitudes of meaning

What's happening now is more than mere preening

Without pain and suffering, happiness is circumvented

As such even they have a place among us, the discontented!

The Buddha's Four Noble Truths Explained

The Buddha's Four Noble Truths Explained

~ I: Dukkha (Cyclical Suffering) ~

It's self-evident fact for any astute observer that our world is pervaded by suffering. Lasting joy is elusive and most people are caught within vicious cycles of their own creation (via volition; the true meaning of Karma).

~ II: Sumudaya (Suffering's Source) ~

Individuals are each responsible for their own personal battles. This is because desire (in one form or another) lies at the root of all dissatisfaction. Furthermore, the wants of any one individual are often at odds with the needs of many others.

~ III: Nirodha (Suffering's Cessation) ~

It's possible for suffering to cease at both the personal and communal level, although only if its base causes are redressed.

~ IV: Magga (The Path) ~

There's a sure and steady path that leads away from Samsara and toward Nirvana. Said path consists primarily of meditation, which doesn't mean focusing on any particular object, but passive observation of the full body-mind spectrum (including all its contents and any ongoing interactions). As the Buddha himself put it: "Meditate diligently and practice mindfulness to attain thine own salvation!"

Image: Cosmic Buddha courtesy of ~lokispace



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