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The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Anatomy of Suchness (The Three Buddha Bodies)

Anatomy of Suchness

- i -

Without exception all dhammas arise, abide and are extinguished upon the Svabhavikakaya's reflective surface: tripartite mirror of pluralistic omniscience.

- I -
Truth Body:

Immutable template and causal plane. Bedazzling Dharma-Kaya, mother of myriad appearances. Formless emptiness animating multifarious forms.

- II -
Bliss Body:

Luminous sphere of unimpeded potentials. Irradiant Sambogha-Kaya, overflowing with symbols. Host to ideals, archetypes and imaginary planes.

- III -
Emanation Body:

Visceral matter and coarse thought combined. Sensorial Nirmana-Kaya, a cage for the blind; though it is viewed as a blessing by the Buddhas of all three times.

For Posterity . . .

For Posterity . . .

The greatest Poet of this century came & went
Yet no literary journal will ever catch that scent

Gloss can but poorly misrepresent
What only appears to be an accident

Whereas ideas form, actions cement
Impregnable logic without a dent

Therefore fine lady or dapper gent
Bolster the bent of thine own Intent

Real re-evolution shalt ye then foment
Leaving Earth's orbit — with no lament!



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