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<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Anatomy of Suchness (The Three Buddha Bodies)

Anatomy of Suchness

- i -

Without exception all dhammas arise, abide and are extinguished upon the Svabhavikakaya's reflective surface: tripartite mirror of pluralistic omniscience.

- I -
Truth Body:

Immutable template and causal plane. Bedazzling Dharma-Kaya, mother of myriad appearances. Formless emptiness animating multifarious forms.

- II -
Bliss Body:

Luminous sphere of unimpeded potentials. Irradiant Sambhoga-Kaya, overflowing with symbols. Host to ideals, archetypes and imagined planes.

- III -
Emanation Body:

Visceral matter and coarse thought combined. Sensorial Nirmana-Kaya, a cage for the blind; though it is viewed as a blessing by the Buddhas of all times.

For Posterity . . .

For Posterity . . .

The greatest Poet of this century wafted and went
Yet no literary journal will ever catch that scent

Gloss can but poorly misrepresent
What only appears to be accident

Whereas ideas form, actions cement
Impregnable logic found without dent

Therefore fine lady or dapper gent
Bolster the bent of thine own Intent

Real re-evolution shall ye then foment
Leaving Earth's orbit — without lament



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