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<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Formidable Formicidae

Formidable Formicidae

Consider the lowly Ants, who have inhabited this planet since Dinosaur times (110-150 million years ago).

Who are we humans to hold them in such low regard?

Ant colonies comprise "Super Organisms", which act in a perfect unison unparalleled even by mankind.

Together inside their nests they form living structures made up entirely of fellow Ants.

Ants thrive on every continent other than Antartica and can easily adapt to urban environments.

Although miniscule in size, these industrious insects always alter their surroundings to suit their needs.

Much larger creatures are brought down by teams of small and medium workers as well as soldiers.

A Queen commands millions of female subjects while wasp-like males (Drones) are reserved for breeding.

All-in-all, Ants represent an evolutionary pinnacle at their tiny organic scale.

In truth, we're the ones intruding on a civilization that might ultimately outlive our own!

Image: Ant Holding Micro-Chip (colorized).

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Elegy A La Gonzo

In memory of Hunter S. Thompson (July 18, 1937 – February 20, 2005)

Elegy A La Gonzo

Why thinkest thou not of the sages?

For Hunter was that and much more
Consciously unleashing dramatic assaults on our psyches
An erratic investigator; a sagacious degenerate
Clearly discernible as a force of nature
When combined with his comrade in karma.

Surely you catch the reference?

The last working pair of prototypical troglodytes
Wrecking balls in full swing
Aimed squarely at the kisser of social conformity
And its banal expectations of all things obsolete
Knowing that which can't be lost even as the present fades.
Committed to the void, for eons unto madness —







                                                                                          Real !

Image courtesy of: A Wolf Illustrations



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