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The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Balam Ahau (Lord Jaguar) Mythic May Vol. 6

Balam Ahau

Mounted on horseback with arms across chest
It suddenly dawned
That Jaguar as worshipped by the Toltecs
Was an ideal.
A visionary fusion of all that is noble in ape
And feline alike.

Unmitigated ferocity plus stealthy mobility
Granted by Totemic beasts;
Unflinchingly attentive reptile, crafty coyote
Chimeric eclipsed sun
Whose illustrious wingspan brightens emblazoned
Against the moon.  

Prowling through mortality with vigilance
Every act dignified
Growling only when necessity dictates
Amidst backdrops espied
Trailing ziggurat lightning ricochets off
Edges of mind!

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