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Metaphysics of Money

An Economist? "A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing." - Oscar Wilde

Metaphysics of Money

That interplay between Ideas and Reality is among the most overlooked and least understood processes in all existence; a mutual arising of Phenomenon together with Noumenon.

Paper / Digital Money (like any other currency) is both Real and Ideal. Its tangible qualities alone are worthless but credited with human conviction it becomes Purchasing Power.

Ergo, the actual value of Money or any currency lies in immaterial realms (Noumena) and from there draws its capacity to influence all material (Phenomena).

It's important to understand this hybrid nature of currency as a method of exchange. Being both Real and Ideal, Money can manipulate matter and mind to an equal extent.

Surely, Money's hybridity is not lost on members of the global oligarchy who rely on it to dominate mass mentality as well as vast resources.

Money itself may be inert but our ideas about property, ownership and possession corrupt its usage. It's as though we truly believe that anything can actually be bought and sold.

To say that money is the root of all evil may be innacurate, but there's no doubt that the quest for riches during our pursuit of happiness is a common denominator underlying humanity's worst problems.

Indeed, poverty and coveted property are the primary causes of extortion, exploitation, famine, human or drug trafficking, arms trade and war. Anyone who thinks otherwise is undoubtedly naive.

It's also no wonder that the rich keep getting richer and the poor even poorer, since they're already in control of the socioeconomic system and alter its rules for their own advantage.

Inequality and iniquity are inherent to Capitalism because it's a form of Social Darwinism in which only the financially 'fit' can continue accruing great wealth while everyone else wrestles with unfair finances.

In debt to such Ideas, ours is a society of willing slaves, chasing a carrot they'll never catch. Yet many remain trustful of deceitful masters who rob them blind amid applause.

However, people all over the planet have begun realizing how much strength we possess if we put petty differences aside to overhaul our world's failing Economy and its flagging Democracy.

There's nothing really tying us to age-old power structures apart from our cowardly compliance. If everyone pulled out and rebelled at once, we'd be unstoppable.

A moneyless society sounds frightening and impossible because we've been conditioned by commercialism our whole lives. Still, viable alternatives (other than Communism) already exist.

Future generations looking back will see this as the moment in history when we turned the tide against all that has kept humanity suffering in the dark for millennia. Awaken and Arise!

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