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Evol Psych & Heart Symbolism

Author's Note: For more on origins of the iconic heart symbol see this Article. 

Evol Psych & Heart Symbolism

The likeness of a voluptuous female form to symbolic hearts
Has been noted by many who point out their rounded curves
Along with vital redness, insinuating blood's inherent passion

Though it comes across at first glance as sheer vulgarity
From the vantage point of any Evolutionary Psychologist
There is nothing nonsensical about this choice of emblem

In nature (especially among our closest primate cousins)
The sight of an inflamed female buttocks is signal enough
For mating contests to begin between male members of a species

How apropos that our sign for Love should reflect Biology
Subconsciously heterosexual men seem to crave genetic cloning
So blessed be those women who permit them to regenerate thusly!

1 Bold Response

Peter Greene said...

My goodness, it's butt ekphrasis...and a point well enough stated. A very fine Valentine's bit, sir.



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