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ItzQuauhtli's Prophecy

ItzQuauhtli's Prophecy

Forged in Tonatiuh's heart, his feathers were slates of antimatter

ItzQuauhtli was recognized as a reflection of Great Cosmic Eagle

Which North-American Natives called: Thunderbird.

Analogous to Horus in Egyptian lore; whose eyes are equally solar and lunar.

Or Garuda in Hinduism, with Vishnu riding atop his back.

Like Mercury (closest to the sun) he served as a messenger.

The Aztecs associated this Eagle with Huitzilopochtli — god of war and patron of the arts.

Sent to Earth late during the Fifth age, he heralded Quetzalcoatl's return

While also warning that it would come hand-in-hand with Tezcatlipoca's release ...

For the nine lords of Xibalba known as Bolon Yokte are present at both the beginning and end of time!



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