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Doctrine of Anatta (No-Self)

Author's Note: For an encyclopedic explanation of "Anatman", refer to: Britannica   

Doctrine of Anatta (No-Self)

- I -
What is the Self?
Where is the Self to be found?
Who is that Self we seek?
Is it dry (this Self)?

Never. Always. It is and yet isn't.
Clever. Foolish. Absolute but relative.
Simultaneous with thought, though not present even once. 
As elusive to one's mind as evasive to our senses.
Dare not pretend to know anything concrete about it.
Don't stand upon authority; assume no final stance.
Dive back into Atlantis. Sink down beneath thy Self...

Flex effort, effort, effort
Lather ~ rinse ~ wash off those stains!
Yes only effort, threefold effort
Can really clean off what remains.

- II -
Hey now, who's that?
Living, going, gone!
Playing hide and go seek
Can't quite put a finger on —

Who's escaping past perception?
Who's perceiving an escape?
Never the same twice for anyone to call it constant.
Dead or dying, Being reborn
During every moment (Bardo gaps).
Hollow and impermanent; still we try to hold on tight.
Hands of haze sweeping the tides 
Unable to clutch a single drop.

So just flow dear Comatose
Like, with, and as the ocean.
Quit pretending at forevers
Void all ego, then just ≈ flow 

Image: Bond of Union by M.C. Escher

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