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The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Querulous Quanta

Querulous Quanta

Where hath thou gone, entangled phantom particle?

Our magnetic dipoles now spin out of sync
Once we were non-local as well as atemporal
Transcending bounds of space-time continuum
Yet liminal constraints inhibit subatomic orbits
Macroscopic systems become subject to entropy
Force of ill-bred habits subdues all organisms
Thought overtakes Consciousness by quantity not quality
Feeling lost within false realms — stunted, numb and mute
Entities must learn transmutation from raw elements to highest Ether

It is presently passing; make good on this opportunity or else be extinguished!

Image: Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen.

3 Bold Responses

Peter Greene said...

Higher maths are SO poetic!! Enjoyed this one, thanks, O Hard Sharp and Black One...and:

Thought you might like the ineffable, amazing Lem's Love and Tensor Algebra...


love the Doctor Manhattan shot!


Peter Greene said...

Noted a typo in the verse I linked to: whoever it was, got Boole (should be an umlaut over the E but I too lazy to go get charset) wrong. Read LEm! Oh, God, read Lem. START with Memoirs Found In A Bathtub. He is quite unrecognized in the West; a genius who should have had a Nobel in literature.

Bla, bla, I do gO on. Night night.


Peter Greene said...

Re-enjoyed Dr. manhattan's angry features. I am tired. Dinner and bed, and lucky to have it - imagine living outdoors in this weather! (it's pouring and cold here, and the fire is malfunctiony, as the chimney is currently a candle of filth). Hope you're warm and radioactively well this cold and windy night -

later -



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