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Dilutions of Splendor

Dilutions of Splendor

May finally have cracked
But Etinbroke's sitting here
Smoking slims from ivory holder
Wrapped up in wispy metaphors — she dreams as if she slept.
Could be wrong
But Etinbroke admonishes:
"Remain firm and irreproachable
 it isn't princely to be fallible — so reject all human doubt!"

One thin eyebrow raised inquisitively
She sifts through Tarot with free hand
Singeing this fool's ego with her steady sapphire gaze
From center spread draws out a card dubbed STRENGTH.

"Behold, that which was misplaced
 among the rubble of spent youth.
 Conferred back now as your gall reaches an end
 lessons have been learned that portend glorious new days."

Perhaps she's but a figment
But her glory-talk rings true
For one whose lust was sublimated surreptitiously at night
Within the vacuous wellspring of ineffable omniscience.

Although possibly a Dæmon
She knows these insides like no other.
Together we shall accomplish things few mortal men can fathom
A preeminent contrarian, overseen by astral madam.

Major Arcana: Strength

2 Bold Responses

Peter Greene said...

It isn't princely to be fallible! I like that line, and that idea. Do I sense the hand of Mdvanii?

Peter Greene said...

By the way, what is sold at a blasphemous bazaar? It sounds fun.



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