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Cosmic Clock Strikes Eleven

Cosmic Clock Strikes Eleven

At last it's high time to accept
That the Gregorian calendar founded upon a mythological Christ
And whose holy dates were superimposed onto Pagan rites
Has put us out of phase with our planet as well as all else

"Supermoon" at perigee
Signifies an era's end
NASA spots exploding galaxy
Coincidence or portend?

Every day another cataclysm
As the countdown grows intense
Increased consciousness a catalyst
Will it ever bear us hence?

Blister packed sedation
Dystopic governments push on
Flawed Capitalist equation
When shall we witness brave new dawn?

Pluto renders elder powers inept
Yet Moloch masticates a morbid zeitgeist
Famine, drought and plague (to name but few blights)
Only former angels are fit to tread through these fell hells

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Peter Greene said...

Thanks, ItzQuaUhtl. I was going to leave a much longer comment, but Google really doesn't like it, and has made it go away. I'll just take that as guidance and go on about my day. Talk to you later -



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