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The Dead of Winter

"Behold, I tell you the sacred secret now: we shall not all sleep in death." from Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly (Also 1st Corinthians 15:51).

The Dead of Winter

Welcome brothers, sisters, enter!
Behold the nightmare from now to hereafter
Our departed file down esplanades of spectral alabaster
Who among us can discern design amid such seeming disaster?

And yet all is not so cut and dry as that which meets the eye
No tears need one cry for close kin even when they die
Though life seems awry — it's not over when we lie

Light is rendered brighter still by a dark tomb
Summer gestates warmly within winter's womb

Glorious rebirth occurs rather soon, despite any naysayer's doom and gloom!

2 Bold Responses

Peter Greene said...

A very Springtime poem! Thanks for, Obsidian Eagle - a pleasure.


Luna said...

from winters hold
the cold contains
the potential of spring
life is not life
without death to be reborn
in some new amazing form
fear not
explore all
walk through every new door
with antisipation
of what is to come



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