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<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Guest Star by Guest Bard Colin James

Writer's Bio: Colin James has a chapbook of his poems out from Thunderclap Press. He works in Energy Conservation and is a great admirer of the Scottish landscape painter, John Mackenzie.
Kudos to Colin for picking up the AntiPoetic gauntlet of poésie sans poète!


                                 That scene where you wake up
                                 early at a friend's house,
                                 wander down stairs, start the coffee maker
                                 and make your way to your favorite chair,
                                 when you spot something creepy sitting there.
                                 A species with the head of a dog
                                 and the body of a deer,
                                 lounging provocatively in your chair.
                                 You file it in the category
                                 of sexual ambiguity,
                                 all the while drinking your coffee
                                 careful not to make eye contact
                                 or heavens forbid, engage it in
                                 any sort of polite conversation.
                                 The rest of the house won't be up for hours,
                                 and you resist the urge to
                                 look back over your shoulder as
                                 you head down the stone path
                                 to retrieve the morning paper.
                                 With your luck—it'll be late!

1 Bold Response

Peter Greene said...

Oh, how pleasing. Thanks for the poem, Colin - that was great. And thanks for posting, Obsidian; that was some tasty content.

Man....I don't know, I've always had a...thing...for soft, silky, full-body fur. I wish there was a poet in the poem, and that it was me...explore the images in more, like, detail, man. The dog head might be a little odd, but deer are traditional enough - look at some Greek vases for a while, you'll see what I mean. Antlers are - handy.

Thanks again, you guys - an amusing and nicely-made piece.



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