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Twilit Language (Mythic May Vol. 4)

Author's Note: In the parlance of Tantra, "Twilight Language" refers to a symbolic system of speech often employed by adepts when composing songs or poetry meant to induce heightened awareness for the uninitiated.

Twilit Language

Somewhere along an illimitable span of Being / the great serpent became acutely aware of its own resplendent plumage / wrapped up in fractal-rainbow wings / preoccupied by Self / placed eyes on every scale / admiring each contour from myriad angles / vigilant in vanity!

{ During those nights obscurity hid the moon from plain sight. Its absence called little  attention to the studded firmament above. Yet echoed within the fibers of any sentient soul. Offsetting limited views as its tremors pulsated through both inner and outer space.  Thus, that serpent arose, making a sound which was un-struck. Flourishing a thousandfold ascent! }

Asking: who is it that passes nigh / sowing furtive expectations? / down corridors of remorse / hope tunnels toward redemption / Eros no more a slave to Psyche / foam on wavelengths of vibration / time may be a desert and we might be but stones—nonetheless—let it be known / that these sands absorb the sun / just like the sea swallows its shoals / awareness self-illumined / at all depths...

Image: Cipactli by Jack L. Morris

The Four Tezcatlipocas (Mythic May Vol. 3)

The Four Tezcatlipocas

Toltec legend relates that Ometeotl - Lord and Lady pair - original creator
Gave rise to four sons who sat at each corner of our young cosmos
These newborn gods were dubbed Tezcatlipoca (smoking mirror)
Not unlike the veil of illusion, which Hindu Vedas call Maya

To the East stood Quetzalcoatl; Feathered Serpent, whose face shone white
From South came Huitzilopochtli; Hummingbird Sorcerer, blue-faced warrior
Westward arrived Xipe Totec; Flayed Lord of agriculture bearing red visage
Far North was Tezcatlipoca proper, black in aspect with a dark soul to match

Back then, Earth was covered by waters where a crocodile named Cipactli swam
Black Tezcatlipoca even lost a leg to Cipactli when trying to seed the planet
So the four brothers made an aquatic god (Tlaloc) and goddess (Chalchiuhtlicue)
Tamed, the oceans receded and dry land was populated by giants

During the first age Tezcatlipoca himself became sun but his light was too dim
Quetzalcoatl could not tolerate this state of affairs and knocked him out of the sky
Incensed - the evil one unleashed a horde of mighty Jaguars into the world
Since night befell, the giants were easily hunted into extinction

In the second age Quetzalcoatl beamed from above after creating a new race
His people were not big but over time they thought too highly of themselves
Because they took the gods for granted, Tezcatlipoca turned them all into monkeys
Disliking their transformation, Quetzalcoatl descended as hurricane and blew them away

A third age dawned with rain god Tlaloc rising to illuminate the days of another folk
Unfortunately, Tezcatlipoca moved in to seduce his wife Xochiquetzal, goddess of love
Whence Tlaloc became despondent and refused to irrigate crops below
Everyone cried out for relief from this drought but vengeful, Tlaloc rained fire instead

Subsequently, Earth had to be remade in the fourth age from ashes of the third
Thence ascended Chalchiuhtlicue to give off her luminescence
Ever a scoundrel, Northern Tezcatlipoca accused her of vanity
Heartbroken by such persistent critique, that world was drowned by divine tears

Finally, Quetzalcoatl went down to the underworld and retrieved bones
Dipping them in his own blood, he created humankind as we know it
Meanwhile warlike Huitzilopochtli rose to heaven and became a fifth sun
Tezcatlipoca convinced us then that bloodletting should be our repayment

Wars raged upon the Terran sphere for millennia in the name of one deity or another
Quetzalcoatl vanished, betrayed by his treacherous sibling, yet promising to return
Xipe Totec's veins were gradually drained by humanity's unquenchable thirsts
Sanctity was nowhere found because disillusioned, people turned from the gods

However, Huitzilopochtli is also a patron of the arts who wishes for metanoia
If we can transcend life through art there may be some hope left after all
Only thus could Quetzalcoatl be summoned and Xipe Totec revived
Otherwise, cruel Tezcatlipoca surely has many an upheaval in store for us . . .

Midnight Kensho & Makyo TV (Mythic May Vol. 2)

Kensho: A Zen term indicating insight into the nature of one's own being - sometimes contrasted with permanent absorption into Satori (enlightenment).

Makyo: Hallucinations that arise naturally during the course of meditative practice.

Mudra: Ritual hand-gestures employed in Buddhism and Yoga.

Madya: Ceremonial intoxicants such as Bhang (cannabis) or Soma wine consumed as adjuncts to Tantra.

Midnight Kensho & Makyo TV

Some Mudra  to go with your Madya ?
From here we bend past dead ends
The Sphinx hast run out of riddles
Whilst we follow hollow trends

Sublunar prophets of carnal salvation
May mammal rise unto Mythos
Reptilian our grandiose agenda
Ouroboros stretched throughout Nous

Seek thee out that Tithy Tove
Spelled by Jabberwocky rules
Iconic Cheshire grin bespeaks:
Trust tricksters not wry fools

There is no subtle substitute
For physical movement at present
So tune into inaudible music
And flip your light fluorescent

Dead of night comes to enliven
A lurid lapse mid introspection
As patterns dissolve blissfully
Against plasma screen's projection

Afterthought: A sigil is syllogistic on purpose in pretention, prying third-eye open with syllabic implication.

Mythos (Mythic May Vol. 1)

Mythic May: Every Friday this month will feature a tributary piece to Mythos, Mother of Religion and eternal wellspring of sacred imagery.


Like Shadrach in the sacrificial furnace
He strides through all flame as a phantom
Exalted by the hamadryad chorus
With a heartbeat that cowers lofty Titans
When stirred to a passionate frenzy
He claws at the roots of Ygdrasil

His twin sister mimics these motions
Her gilded arms undulate on the wind
Extolled through the song of Hesperides
With laughter becalms their green dragon
When pushed to the other extreme
She calls for the maids of Valhalla

He lives in the sword of a king
She sleeps in the depths of a lake

He dies at the end of one world
And into a new one she wakes.



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