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The Dharma Heruka

The Dharma Heruka

According to Buddha-Dharma there are six realms of incarnation within Dukkha-Samsara:
  1. Naraka-Gati: Infernal suffering ad infinitum.
  2. Preta-Gati: Eternal famine of the hungry ghosts.
  3. Tiryagyoni-Gati: Animalistic existence; both domestic and wild.
  4. Manusya-Gati: Human condition; Nirvana nearby yet elusive.
  5. Ashura-Gati: Jealous demigods locked in perpetual combat.
  6. Deva-Gati: Heavenly beings lost within blissful self-absorption.
Ideally, Humans should be able to break this whole vicious cycle of reincarnation. But since these realms are literal as well as allegorical, it would appear that our world borrows most heavily from Ashura-Gati (although all six realms are definitely found here on Earth).

In Tibetan Buddhism the Tantric Guru Padmasambhava is reputed to have pacified many such demons and enlisted their aid as fearsome defenders of the Dharma.

Consequently, current circumstances call for a rare breed of spiritual warriors whom can transcend the Devas themselves while lifting humanity upon their selfless shoulders.

Seek ye out and meditate on The Dharma Heruka...

Image:  Samvara Yidam

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