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The Dharma Heruka

The Dharma Heruka

According to Buddha-Dharma there are six realms of incarnation within Dukkha-Samsara:
  1. Naraka-Gati: Infernal suffering ad infinitum.
  2. Preta-Gati: Eternal famine of the hungry ghosts.
  3. Tiryagyoni-Gati: Animalistic existence; both domestic and wild.
  4. Manusya-Gati: Human condition; Nirvana nearby yet elusive.
  5. Ashura-Gati: Jealous demigods locked in perpetual combat.
  6. Deva-Gati: Heavenly beings lost within blissful self-absorption.
Ideally, Humans should be able to break this whole vicious cycle of reincarnation. But since these realms are literal as well as allegorical, it would appear that our world borrows most heavily from Ashura-Gati (although all six realms are definitely found here on Earth).

In Tibetan Buddhism the Tantric Guru Padmasambhava is reputed to have pacified many such demons and enlisted their aid as fearsome defenders of the Dharma.

Consequently, current circumstances call for a rare breed of spiritual warriors whom can transcend the Devas themselves while lifting humanity upon their selfless shoulders.

Seek ye out and meditate on The Dharma Heruka...

Image:  Samvara Yidam

Caliginous Penumbra

Caliginous Penumbra

Terra, Sol and Luna in winter solstice syzygy
From darkest day to brightest night
Dealing delayed epiphany

Seventh gamma ray drop
From on high down astral drain
Thunder crackles loudly in each human's brain

Ever softly strumming strings the spheres do gently weep
Fugacious florid script, etched with angles oh so steep
Here below we mortals sleep 'til death do us reap

Far above our world a portentous portal closes fast
On finely tuned perception will infinite memory repast
Live unadulterated—vaulting welkin boldyalthough vast

First Will And Testament

First Will And Testament

Worried about death coming after either one of us

Determined nevertheless not to make a fuss

That door's forever hinging upon our truss

Spirits calling out may be a plus

Life's mystery is too grand for some to suss

Repeal postmortem prayers but don't dare cuss

For ashes unto ages, from dawn to dusk

Eagle's flustered feathers have all four winds nonplussed

You're expecting answers to tricky questions just because _________ ?

Let's not miss out on real life; good golly gloomy Gus!

Image: Destiny of The Endless from Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series.

The Bright Side of Kali

Note: Kali is Shiva’s female counterpart and is considered the ultimate destroyer because her power represents the inescapable march of time.  Although her name means ‘black one’, Sri Ramakrishna once said: “She appears black because She is viewed from a distance; but when intimately known She is no longer so.”

The Bright Side of Kali

There are times when she appears in dreams 
Either donning the masks of bygone lovers 
Or revealing a luminous visage 
Her very presence gives fulfillment 
Her silent voice calls through the void 
When thou art pressed against that bosom  
Manifestation be destroyed
Atman cremated on her altar 
Baptized in light, so overjoyed!

She is embodied by every woman 
But too few women ever wake her
For who can hope to mirror Kalis'
All-encompassing allure?



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